Saturday, November 12, 2011


Here are my kids and some of their friends rolling down our tiny hill.

So preoccupied. That's the only way that I've been able to describe myself lately when I am speaking to a friend who I haven't spoken to in weeks. I say that I'm all over the place...which is to say--I feel out of control. But, I also feel that I can't say anything of why I'm out of control. So, I just try to shake it off and have a normal conversation. Yeah--nice try!

Anyway, this weekend has been good--trying to catch up with family and friends somewhat, laugh with my kids, and spend time with my husband. This is the week that my husband and I normally take off together to reconnect since our anniversary is not something we are really able to celebrate the way some do. Who has the time or money? We actually have only taken a couple of days off work. (Thanks to those early 2011 snow days...I was very short on vacay days.) But, they have been productive and fun days so surprisingly satisfying since I normally slack off for most of the week and try to cram it all in the last few days as documented here and here. I think there was an urgency to make every day count which, as can be imagined, I've completely impressed and surprised myself by my hard work and effort. :)

Omigosh--the fun that I've had with Faith! She is such a funny girl!! We have danced and laughed so much these couple of days. I love her so much. Her personality is really amazing to me. We are very cool girls that's all I know! :)

Well, my boy, Elijah, turned eight yesterday. There was only one thing to get him for his birthday. Mario Kart...I don't think that is a new Mario Bros. game but he likes the racing games and he only knows the old Mario Bros. games thanks to Daddy. So, I don't really want him to get to know the new stuff too much yet. So, that damn Mario Cart is expensive so we bought it as a community. Mommy, Daddy, Louise, Carol, and Faith all chipped in for the purchase. How else was I going to get Daddy to spend that kind of dough?!? ::)) I know what you're thinking--She's a genius!! haha

Elijah played the game for some of yesterday. But, in order to play the game today, he had to work on his math since he has not been doing well in math at school. So, this miracle happened this morning--Elijah is now a math genius since Mario Cart was waiting for him. Unbelievable this kid!! At 9 this morning, he's ready to work on his math!! He better do better in school is all that I have to say on that!

Well, Blog, other than that, all is well and the same around here. You know that I really appreciate getting to vent to you about once a year now. I blame that damn Facebook!! Really. :)