Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm so frustrated...

Last night
This was last night before I read the email referenced below. Is he praying for mercy? :)

I received an email from the teacher about my boy yesterday. He gave the teacher some trouble--little meltdown with a side of a little rebellion. It's true that he was mad in the am that the little bit of snow outside did not a snow day make. But, I told him on the way to school no crying or giving the teacher a hard time.

And, what does he do? Just that. "It's too hard." That is what he said that caused the problem. He wouldn't do the simple task because he thought it was hard.

Oh riiight! I forgot that my line in those early grades was "I can't do it." Payback sucks!

I'm just frustrated because the task was so simple. Of course, the teacher had to use a tough voice. And, that's when he got angry with his arms folded and cried.

The teacher said he was better at lunch and the rest of the afternoon.

It's just hard...a situation like this is something to be dealt with at least for today. And, that then affects the whole day. I want to get together with one of his classmates and her mom--they are a great playdate. And, I do not want to leave out Elijah. His classmate is a girl and she loves playing with Faith too. We all have a great time. What to do?!? I really like hanging out with this mom. :)

Well, I've been working with Elijah on the situation this morning. He just asked me for a Poptart--I said I think you can handle that on your own. (Minor confession: I probably would have said that even if he hadn't been in "trouble" today.) He's seven, after all. He's got to start growing up because it's sad when the smallest of tasks overwhelm him. [sigh]

I guess I have to get that responsibility chart that I've been thinking about getting, like, forever!!

Well, I better get going. Oh, I'm sorry that I didn't re-introduce myself...Blog, how you doin'? I'm the slacker blogger that comes around here every so often to vent to the Blogosphere. Nice to see you again. And, thanks!

Oh--Merry and Happy to you for all the holidays that I missed recently!!