Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's that time of year again...

Where I quickly synopsize the last few weeks of life.

Specifically, I'm talking about last week.

Tomorrow. I go back to work. [mourning for a few moments] Basically, I've had my week of vacation with my husband. We have purposely bonded over doing nothing this past week. But, as usual, in order to find some meaning to my life--I did a few things to file under "Accomplished".

1. Cleared off the buffet table. This feat took me almost a week to do. Pitiful. Pathetic, I know. The problem is--I literally chipped at it for almost a week. There was no other way to do it. Truly.

2. Did a couple of neighborly things. But, since I use this place really to only brag on the more shameful things that I do, I cannot start now to brag on any virtuous things. Really--any good that I do is from the Lord so no point in saying that I did it.

3. My husband and I went to a few stores. Surprisingly, we spent more money than usual which only said to me that we were really on vacation since that is only when my husband is more liberal with the monies.

4. Slept in...

5. We tortured the children with our week off...they were so disturbed and jealous over our alone time. :) Not sure if this means we are doing a good job with them. Oh well. Lord, please fill in the gaps there. :)

6. Oh--we went to Disney on Ice Toy Story for my boy's birthday. He was thrilled to see Zurg, the bad guy. Faith was thrilled to see Barbie. We really had a great time.

7. Slept in...

8. We celebrated my boy's seventh birthday with just a small gathering and some ice cream cake which he did not eat. My boy can put on his list of accomplishments that he mortified me completely with his behavior. So glad that we are not going all out in the birthday party department for him--it cannot be justified. That's all I can say.

Well, that's the list--pretty much. We did a few other things that were important. But, again, some things do not need to be mentioned. :) Even today, I'm trying to get a few other things done online so that I know that I sort of used my time wisely. The countdown is on!! :)

I do feel that life is good. God is good. Life is still really busy and crazy. And, I need the Lord's help to cope with it all.

I want to get some pictures posted soon. For a little bit, I was able to post from my iphone but I don't know what I did to that situation. All this technology--sometimes I want to kill it!! :) haha

Hope all is well with you, Blog.