Sunday, September 12, 2010

Not my day job...

Fun saturday
So, this is how I spent my Saturday. Learning a job that could well be in my future again. In fact, Faith was planning it all out--"you could push this around town and sell the hot dogs for $4 each!!" You never know when your daughter's love for you those mortgages might dry up!

Anyway, we had our PTA membership drive. I did not do any of the planning for it. I designed the flyer; that's about it. So little planning did I do for this that the day before I was all like--Yes! It's Saturday and I don't have a thing to do!! Then, I was all--Crap! I'm helping with the PTA membership drive. Then, praying, "Please, Lord, let it be the fastest three to four hours ever!" It was more like SIX! Oh well. Do you know what the best part of working the hot dog stand is? The umbrella that covers the hot dog stand!! Shade for this fair girl! Completely worth it! So, I will take this job until the end of the time. Called it!!

The good news is I sold $82 worth of hot dogs. Not bad. But, not nearly as good as the cotton candy, popcorn, and water/caprisun people. They killed it. I don't care though. I was pleased with my little contribution. :)

The bad news is that I will probably make the local newspaper. Ugh! I told the photographer to only use the picture if it came out well. I actually was able to speak with him earlier where he took my picture doing a little prep work. I asked him how long he had been doing this work for the local newspaper. He said that he had been doing it for over three years. I told him that I always notice him everywhere and wonder what he thinks about having to attend all these little functions...the library's sidewalk chalk artshow, the board of ed meetings, etc. I told him for me it was about community--being a part of this activity and learning the ropes from these dedicated folks. And, he completely agreed--community! I hope that he finds his job satisfying. I'm thinking that he must love it since when he gets his few pics, he is so outta there!! That would be my favorite part. Then community. :)

Hope all is well for you where you are at in this world.