Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trying to do it all...

May be the death of me.

PTA is starting up full swing. Trying to get the Girl Scout troop going. Getting the kids completely ready for next week hasn't happened yet. Still need to get to a Walmart type store to buy pencils and folders. And, work is driving me nuts.

I'm constantly praying to the Lord for help. Help! :)

This past week was my girl's birthday. Eight years...wowzers!! It's so true what they say--enjoy them while they are young because they grow up so fast. Sometimes, I feel guilty because when they were babies, I wanted them to be older and more self-sufficient because those baby years were so overwhelming for me. At the same time, having Faith and Elijah help each other with their own breakfast in the morning has definitely been a big help and bonus. Unfortunately, work keeps me away from them alot. I can get home really late when things are as busy as they are. More guilt. Tomorrow night, I mean, tonight, I will try to get home earlier to see them. I love them and want to spend time with them even if it's playing wii together or watching tv cuddled up together.

Well, Blog, I really appreciate you letting me babble on here. I just wanted to get some quick thoughts out here as I contemplate trying to sleep. Thanks.


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Shannon said...

Wow, school starts really late up there. We have been in school for a few weeks down here. Hang in there. I have three playing soccer and one wrestling, so free time is a relative word these days, lol.