Thursday, August 12, 2010

I helped a friend move tonight.

Actually, I only helped for an hour a little before ten tonight. And, a few days ago, I helped for about an hour and a half. So, in the scheme of things, I really lucked out because who really likes helping with a move.

But, what I really wanted to say was that I'm sad that my friend is moving. She's moving back to Florida. She's actually from New York, moved to Florida three years ago, moved back to New York a year ago, and is now moving back to Florida for good. What a nut! But, I really enjoyed getting to know her this year. She is the first person who lives right in my town where we could be friends even though she had family here. What I mean is when you are not from the area like myself and you meet people--sometimes those people don't really need more friends it seems. They already have their posse, basically. We can be friendly and talk and be involved in school activities but it's not like hanging out...I don't always have people local local to hang out with...this girl and I did that a little more. Also, she was doing Girl Scouts so I'm also basically mad at her for volunteering with me when I did NOT want to do it. Don't get me started! :) Our girls played together and were in the same class so that bonded us too.

Oh well. I know that we can still talk occasionally. And, now, I have someone to visit in Florida. [sigh]

Thank you for listening, Blog.

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Shannon said...

I know what you mean about local people. It is the same way here, but WAY more intense with the snubbing.