Sunday, June 06, 2010

Time passing growing up...just trying to survive sometimes.

No, really. All has been well. It's just that damn Facebook takes up on my time. It's just way easier with my phone to keep up with people there. My blog has always been something that I was proud of though...the look, the widgets, etc. My major in college was computer science so I always love anything to do with the computer or programming. And, I feel the blog gives me more control in the look of things (even though blogger supplies it all and so it is cheat-programming). Where twitter and facebook--not so much. But, then, with my iphone, I don't even get on the computer that much to do real typing except at work. And, you know, nothing at work counts. haha I kid. But, not-really.

So, why am I here? Not in that major why-do-I-exist question? But, why am I here now on the blog? I'm keeping up with twitter to see this girl, Paige, finish her run that she is doing this morning. She is fifteen. Her family has been living in Haiti. They are now back in the states on furlow for a little bit. Her family's blog is here.

Anyway, she has been raising money for this run. And, there is this building company/ministry in Haiti that will match the amount houses that she can buy for families in Haiti. It's been really inspiring to watch this unfold. She just finished the race! Praise the Lord. I can only hope and pray that I can raise children that have a heart for things that really count. I'm trying--but it is something that I really have to depend on the Lord for...please fill in the gaps where I lack, Lord.

I think that is the answer to why I exist...I want my children to be blessings and not curses for people. It is so hard. I want to have this life for myself but alot of my life is giving the good parts of me to my kids. [sigh] I don't mean to sound selfish--but I am sometimes though.

Well, I better get going to check on them. I know they want time from me now.

Have a great one to the two that occasionally come by!! :)