Saturday, April 03, 2010

Keeping me under...

Eliot just said that I've just hit my minutes max on my cell phone plan.

E: There has to be a better way to keep you under 450 minutes.

ME: I don't like you using the wording that you are trying to keep me under anything.

My Law & Order mind envisions be kept underwater, kept under a pillow....the visuals are terrible, I know.

Hey, Babe, perhaps, just up my plan?!? :)

Or, perhaps I can work to keep UNDER the 450. [saying it with attitude and a sigh]


Shannon said...

Or a family plan. We all share our total minutes. We have never gone over. The rollovers just keep on adding up. Gotta love AT&T iPhone plans!

VaNNy said...

LOL, not a good feeling to be kept under!! :) I think, if it happens again gotta look at a different plan. I went above a few weeks ago, not realizing it. But it was to talk to my brother long distance, so be it!