Friday, December 18, 2009

Bloggable Conversation 033

An exchange between Daddy and Faith, after a delicious bowl of mac and cheese...

Faith: Is there more macaroni and cheese left?

Daddy: A little bit.

Faith: Because it's delicious! And, I want it for lunch on Saturday. Now, how do you do the microwave?

Daddy: Uh.

Faith: Because Mommy's going to sleep aaaalll day. And, I can scoop it out. Do you do :10 [on the microwave]?

Daddy: Uh.

Faith: Because I can do :10.

Daddy: I don't know, Baby. I'm working Saturday. [which is to say: You're on your own, kid!]
For God's sakes, I was way up before nine both days last weekend!!!

What do these people want from me?!?!?!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Some Belated Happy Birthdays...


To my son, Elijah (Nov. 11), who is pretty much also known around here as the pain in my ass. Turns out though that this place here is the only place that I will be able to mention his little, special name from here on out.

To my husband (Nov. 28), also known as the love of my life. Basically, my husband texted me tonight to let me know that our son called his father a pain in his ass, my son's ass. [can't stop giggling although terribly mortified] So, because of this little development, I have to watch my mouth a little closer. Damn. Daddy says that he doesn't want to have to knock him out so I have to do better in the name-calling department. Damn.

And, then, a belated Happy Birthday to myself (Dec. 1), not that I deserve it. [See above.]

But, I really like this pic. So, the Happy Birthdays seemed appropriate.

File Under: No Name-Calling, New Year's Resolutions