Monday, November 23, 2009

Heelllloooo. Heeelllllloooo.

Anyone out there? No? That's okay. I just need to sit here and babble a bit anyway. Don't mind me.

All is well here. I just can't believe how time is flying by...I'm working like crazy. Trying to keep up with the kids and their school stuff. Trying to dodge most of the other motherly duties that exist in life. Definitely dodging most of the home duties that I can, although I did the dishes last night because my husband was starting to get that look. The look that he gives me that asks, "What exactly do you do here?"

In my defense--I'm working my tail off to make us some extra dough at work which entails me taking all forms of crap from people. Where I have to stay as sweet and patient as I can without losing my mind.

So, my girl, Faith, is in a wedding this week. Climax, please! For the stress that I'm feeling over this week, you would think that I'm planning the wedding. Which I'm not! I'm basically just handing my girl over. Which is rather painless but I feel like I'm missing out on some of the fun. That would be the selfish part of me that wants to experience these cool things too. But, my girl is the lucky one there. I'm happy for her though--she is so excited. She has made a book about it. She has been journaling her thoughts about it. I'm probably pretty screwed actually--she is about to see a wedding firsthand at the age of seven. I'm thinking that I will be doing up one of these fancy-dancy weddings someday. I'm thinking that she will not fly away to an island and get hitched like her mother did oh-so-many years ago.

Actually, not that many years ago, our anniversary was October 11th. We've been married now eight years. That day came and went. No cards. No fanfare. Faith and I actually went to the wedding shower of the beautiful upcoming-bride. It was fun. My girl and I went together--it was sweet.

So, to make up for our together-less anniversary, we took a week off together this month. My husband and I. It was great. But, unfortunately, we worked so hard at home projects like painting, cleaning, moving crap around that I needed all of last week to recover from our week off which has now gotten me so far behind at work that I'm feeling depressed; hence, I can't stop babbling here. It's really a very sad, sad predicament that I've gotten myself into here. [sigh]

Well, if I can just get through this week, I'll be alright. So, I'm going to make a list.

1. Take my contacts out. They've been in over a day now and my eyes are tired.
2. Stay up all night and finish the work that I brought home.
3. Work all day tomorrow since I'm out Wednesday.
4. Think about being hostess for my sister and her daughter who are coming into town.
5. Make my husband be host for my sister and her daughter.
6. Buy a dress to wear for Wednesday's wedding.
7. Get my hair done on Wednesday.

And, if I can do all of this without getting sick again--I'll be good.

For the one or two of you that come here occasionally, how are you?