Saturday, June 20, 2009

Major Splurge Splash of 2009

I swear if I don't get two to three years of use out of this monstrosity, I will be pissed!

But, I have to completely admit--so far, it's been a great investment.

Investment. Bribe. Guilty pleasure. Whatever.

To see the kids have such a great time has been such a great trade-off so I'm really glad for it. Unfortunately for me though, Faith was right away trying to plan her birthday party. Unfortunately for her, I had to remind her that she wasn't having a party this year.

[You see, I'm trying to start a new trend...I'm trying to cut the damn umbilical cord of every-year-a-birthday-party. It's absurd to me.]

Although putting away all this fun at the end of a day is never fun for me...

It's worth it.
We have daisies this year.