Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pre-Emergency Room

This picture was from last weekend.

Fast forward to the end of the week. Fevers, ear infection, and folded over in belly pain.

No choice.

Almost fourteen hours in the emergency room.

Very quickly, it was ruled that the poop had backed up into the boy.

The fevers were probably from the double-ear infections.

However, since we have insurance and the doctors have time on their hands, my boy received a complete and thorough examine.

I was thankful for the enema to get things moving down there.

Of course, it took five doctors and a sonogram to rule out appendicitis which I didn't think was the case either.

The IV wasn't fun but very tearful for the both of us.

The CT scan seemed a bit over the top for me. But, it's good to have ruled out every other possible scary thing in the world.

So, we are back home. Almost caught on all the sleep lost. I can't really complain about how Elijah did with it all since it is the emergency room that we are talking about here.

The best thing that has come out of it all is, of course, THE POOP.

And, now, I really have something to hold over the poor kid's head so that maybe I will be able to get him to eat some fruits and vegetables every once in awhile.

Truly, though, seeing his smiles this weekend after that very rough day is the absolute best. Thank the Lord!

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Shannon said...

Glad it wasn't anything serious!
(I love your back and white shots below)