Sunday, April 26, 2009

Trying To Cram It All In...

From Wikipedia, Lower Sabie, Kruger National Park (South Africa)

Since I slept most of the day away yesterday, I'm cramming a weekend into today. I did a pretty good job since I was up by 10:40-ish, I think.

Better than yesterday's scream from Faith, "It's 3:40!!!"

Oh shit!

Elijah is able to get the toaster (the pop-up kind) going along with the frozen pancakes so he was pretty set.

I imagine that Faith did alright until she really wanted a hotdog so I had to get up.

I know I'm the worst. Truly. I was pretty out though. Exhaustion may be the correct word. Whatever, I know, no excuse.

So, I worked on making it up today.

I went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and sunscreen, went to the garden store, worked in the garden, and typed and printed up information for Faith's cheetah cubs project which is due Wednesday. The kids played outside in the sprinkler with Daddy. I took Faith with me to the garden store. We went to McDonald's for sodas to cool off. Brought Elijah home a McFlurry which was really not bought for him since Faith and I had taken a few bites. But, when Elijah wondered what was for him, I gave up the McFlurry much to Faith's dissatisfaction. Oh well. I do the best I can.

My husband has brought me a rum and coke which only means that he is going to try and cram a little more into this day. Wasn't it enough that I went to pick up the sunscreen?!? haha

We still have to watch The Tudors. And, I brought work home.

Man, I'm going to be up all night which is what causes the Saturday sleep-ins. Vicious cyle.

And, I've just been notified that I didn't sleep with the kids like I promised so can I sleep with them tonight? Since I promised?!?! [say it all whiney, please]

Have a great week all.

I'm sure the cheetah cubs project will be amazing so I will definitely have to show it off!


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Shannon said...

Show Faith how to warm up a hot dog in the microwave and you are set! My buddies run the microwave with ease. So proud, lol.