Friday, April 17, 2009

So, we are getting the hell outta here today...

We haven't really gone anywhere in the last few weeks to a month...except to crazy and back.

While my husband finishes packing as I've instructed him, I thought I would mention a little tidbit even though I realize I'm pretty much talking to myself's okay...that's what I do alot of...talking to myself...trying to talk myself down off that ledge, etc....I kid.

Anyway, my husband tells me this morning about how all Elijah has wanted to do this week is go to D.C. already, since that's where we are going.

Daddy says to him yesterday, "Well, we have to wait for Mom. She planned the whole trip."

Elijah replies or whines, "Let's just leave her and goooo."

After Daddy and I laugh over this and I call my son a bastard, I go to speak with Elijah about this.

ME: I can't believe it. You wanted to leave and go without me yesterday?!?
E: [He looks at me. Looks at the time.] It's 10:10.

As if to say, get it going, Woman!

I walk off in a huff. Unbelievable, this kid. Watch! As soon as we get to the Verrazano Bridge, he will be ready to get back home.

I can see now that waiting a year to take him anywhere may not have helped.

Only time and liquor will tell.

Hope all is well.

[I'm escaping from work to spend some time with my peeps!]


The Mad Hoosier said...

I hope you have a great time!

Vani said...

LOL, oh man that kid is a trip. Gotta love him. How long are in DC? I'm about 40 min away!! HOpe u enjoy.