Wednesday, February 11, 2009

He makes it difficult . . .

To complain about him. It's really hard to vent about my husband sometimes.

The other morning, I called my girlfriend to vent about how he and Faith were not able to complete her homework because he couldn't find the answer in the dictionary. Although he was supposed to be using an encyclopedia as directed by the instructions. I guess he had not heard of a little thing called since we don't own an encyclopedia.

You see, my late work hours are causing me to sometimes get home after the kids are in bed. So, the next morning, while wrapped in a towel, I'm having to look up the answer online. By the way, the answer was pretty simple but I was just double-checking myself. [wink]

Of course, as I venting about my husband, I'm reminded that he had also made me coffee, a breakfast sandwich, and my lunch. It's like God was saying, "Ahem. Are you forgetting . . . ?" in a big, deep voice.

So, I certainly can't give the man too hard of a time over the dictionary incident.

But, man, do I try.

Love him like crazy though!