Sunday, January 18, 2009

We've got a little miscommunication going on here.

The other night for the first time in over a week, I was able to make it home a little before bedtime.

So, in some mild-superwoman fashion, I caught Elijah up on his reading, practicing his sight words, and caught up Faith on her loose tooth situation. The tooth could no longer be ignored as it practically was laying in her mouth. So, I had tooth fairy duty also that night.

Before bedtime, I asked Daddy, "Do you have $2? Because I have a $5." Which means that I will give him my $5 bill for two singles. I'm good like that--I wanted to make sure that I wasn't taking his last dollars, you know.

So, around 1am, I write up the tooth fairy's thank you note for the tooth. I place the note along with $2 (from the husband's wallet) under Faith's pillow while collecting her tooth, of course.

Fast forward to morning, Faith excitedly lets me know that she hit the motherload of tooth fairy money. She says something like--The tooth fairy left me five monies! She's still learning the money lingo. Anyway, I don't have my glasses on so I never count what she has. I assume that she has $5. ?!?!

On the way to work, I call my husband to ask him,

ME: What's up with that tooth fairy? You gave Faith three more dollars?

E: No. I thought you wanted me to give her your five and my two.

ME: So, how much did you give her?!?!?

E: Seven!

ME: I had already gave her two!

[He definitely left the money after I did which I can't believe that he didn't see the $2. I guess 5am will do that to a person.]

By then, I'm rolling with laughter. Cracking up.

ME: You're such a doofus. We gave her $9 dollars! hahaha

E: I've gotta go. I can't believe it . . .

I've already given Faith a heads-up to say that the tooth fairy must be doing well right now. And, that she can't always expect $9.

Now, I must go and bum off my little girl for a few bucks.

She's loaded!


Shannon said...

Haha!!! That happened to us one time. Just tell her that is a one time deal in celebration of losing the first tooth. That is what I did anyway.

battlewounded said...

This was a good one! I'm just so glad to hear that someone else thinks 9 bucks is a lot for a little girl to It seems like all my girls' friends really are loaded. Going to a private school definitely has that disadvantage!

battlewounded said...

This was a good one! So funny...i am just so glad to hear that someone else thinks 9 bucks is a lot of money for a little girl! It seems like my girls' friends really ARE loaded! That's one big disadvantage to sending them to a private school.