Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Little Charmer, My Son

After my little boy walks into his classroom, his teacher catches me before I walk out the door with Faith.

She says to me that "Elijah has become such a little charmer."

I'm all like, "My boy?"

It turns out that my boy colored a picture for a couple of the girls in his class. I understand it was for a couple of girls only. He wrote their names on the pictures. ?!?!?

Then, the girls went over to the teacher to brag what Elijah had done for them.

Wow. Faith and I walk out almost stunned. My boy.

That night, I flew home to catch him before going to bed to get the deets of the situation.

My husband was all "yeeeaaahh" to hear that his son was beginning to charm the girls at such an early age like himself. Bastard! :)

Elijah claims that these girls are his "beeest friends". He was all shy smiles over it.

I'm still a little stunned about it. I'm over here dealing with the poop-fingers in the butt. [Unfortunately, he has not let go of this nasty habit!] The screaming tantrums. The daily freak-out. And, he's charming the girls!?!?

Uh. How about letting the charm leak out at the house too?

I suppose this incident may bode well for the future, depending on how you look at it.

I just want to be on the receiving end of this charm more often.

Just help a mom out! Okay?

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Shannon said...

Too funny!!!!