Saturday, January 17, 2009

Daddy may not be liking his women very much right now.

It's a list, you see.

Faith wrote down Daddy's chores her breakfast request this morning. (I will work with her on her spelling, of course. The whole writing down the request is a definite downside of learning to read and write, I'm sure.)

[Edited to add: Faith clarified that it was the menu for breakfast.]

The little drops of water are from Daddy's dishwashing at the same time.

I'm picking up around the house. Meaning--bringing the dishes that may be lying around the house. That's helping, right? Trust me--he lives most of the dishes and empty wrappers of everything he eats around. Including apple cores. Damn man!

Of course, I had to get the camera for this one.

Well, I better go make my list too before the kitchen closes up.


Have a great weekend.

[Haven't been around much. Very busy at work. Lowest rates ever on mortgages equals I now live at my job. Good and bad, I guess.]

Take care.

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Shannon said...

Wait until she learns how to tell time... no more fudging on when it is bedtime, lol. My hubs leaves food everywhere too, must be an inborn man trait, lol.