Saturday, December 13, 2008

Watched This Movie The Other Night . . .

This soundtrack of the movie is absolutely amazing. It fits perfectly with my melancholy mood. The soundtrack consists of The Blue Jackets' music. This music is right up my alley, especially right now.

There are some other things about this movie which makes it great.

The good-best-friends-forever type of relationships. And, all the memories that go with that--good and bad.

Although Selma Blair is not my favorite actress, anyone who can switch from role to role like she does is a great actress in my book. She is so depressed that it makes you depressed too. So, thank God, in the end, she gets what she needs.

Seeing these two trying to make it back together after years apart was sexy, sweet and beautiful. (Which I like to relate to my man and me.) I love it when the guy grabs the girl's face for kisses--sweeeet!

The whole time I kept thinking that this guy, Patrick Wilson, reminds me a little of Conan O'Brien. Which is not necessarily a bad thing since I find Conan so funny. Not that Patrick Wilson was trying to be that funny--it was the hair, I think.

Now, the thing that was probably the best about this movie is that it was written and directed by Edward Burns who, of course, also starred in it. And, his humor was peppered throughout which is why my husband rented it for us. My husband told me that we were going to watch "Purple Violets". I said, "Purple Violets"?!?! My husband then says, "Your boy's in it." I was all, "Who?!?!"

The other really great thing is that the group, The Blue Jackets, is a group that Edward Burns is in . . . I went checking all of their sites the other night. I love how Edward is Eddie. And, he is really trying to stay out of the spotlight a lot of the time . . . I like the seeming humility of him.

I gotta tell you that it's pretty artsy. No real action. But, it's all New York.

And, like I said, it's sooo up my alley.

Hoping that you are having a nice weekend . . .

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Shannon said...

Haven't heard of it, but you have tweeked my interest. We saw American Gangster over the week-end. It was on the DVR so we watched it on two nights. Great movie also!