Saturday, December 20, 2008

He's always trying to one-up me.

Text to husband: Im in the zone...highest score ever 154000!!

You see, I have this game downloaded to my phone. This is one of my most favorite ways to drown out the noise of children pass the time. I absolutely love this game from the old, old arcade days, like a million years ago. What else am I to do on a Saturday before Christmas, right?

He texted me back: Im in the zone highest number of pkg's delivered :)

What better way to put me in my place, Postman! And, I suppose he'll be wanting dinner too?!?

He can't ever let me glory in anything.

File Under: Wasting the day away as best as she can.


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Shannon said...

Funny!!! The hubs tried to buy W a game for his PSP at Best Buy. The game? Well it was an assortment of old Atari games. I asked him who the game was REALLY for, as I can't see W getting into Pong, Pac Man or Centipede, lol.