Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Holidays

Hoping that your days are bright.

Photo taken by Faith of my sister-in-law's tree. With kids 19 and 21, they've downgraded to the little, little tree but there was something so simple about it that was beautiful too.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

[I really want to post something about how I'm relieved that it is just about over--the holidays--about how exhausting this one has been. But, I'm too exhausted.]


I do want to say thank you to my husband. He gave me a sweet ipod nano that I'm playing with . . . lots of fun. How crazy is this? I wanted an ipod nano, something more than my ipod shuffle, as soon as I found out all the technology that could be added just by plugging up the ipod nano to it. So, it's now plugged up to the theater system so that I can blast the basement with it instead of wearing the headphones. Now, I need wireless speakers for the upstairs which I've been wanting forever!!! Oh, right . . . need/want . . . I. must. control. myself!

Well, my niece (by marriage) is coming over to spend some time with us which will be nice. I love her. It's all pajamas and junk food all day long. She's my kind of girl. haha She's going to be 20 next month! So, it's nice that she wants to still spend time with me and my kids.

We're baking cookies . . . it's all part of my last-ditch gift-giving attempts to make up where people are so good and I feel that I'm not good enough. I shouldn't exaggerate so. The cookies are for us, my neighbors, and my co-worker who will not accept money for the granola bars that he has let me beg for have. He said that he will accept homemade cookies though so at least I can repay back somehow.

As for my neighbors, they are so sweet. They brought gifts again for the kids and all that I had was a Christmas card for them. I didn't have the heart to tell them that the gifts that they gave were the same ones that they gave two years ago. No lie. Thank God the kids didn't open the gifts in front of them! My dear neighbors probably went into their stash of kid gifts--you have to have a stash of kid gifts when you are grandparents to fifteen grandkids!! And, they still think of us. So, we will go over later with homemade cookies.

Well, my niece just called . . . she's on her way with glazed donuts and cherry pepsi! I better get the kids breakfast before the donuts arrive.

Have a beautiful holiday week. Hope all is well.

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Shannon said...

Your niece is the same age as my little sis. We have so much fun together. Enjoy!