Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Because it's Wednesday . . .

And, it's been a great day at home, decorating for Christmas, picking the kids from school, and meeting teachers for conferences . . . it's just been a good day--that's all.

So, in celebration of today, this is a good place to check out a good deed that can be done with minimal effort, which so happens to be one of my most diligent goals in life.

It looks like Graco is giving away free car seats if we give up a little bit of our privacy. haha I'm just kidding. I can appreciate what they are trying to do. And, I only buy Graco booster seats. (Except this one time, when I really went for the cheap one--that one is with my sitter along with one Graco. And, then, we have another two Gracos in our car. It's like I'm collecting booster seats for every car that my kids get into--I know.)

Actually, I've always been a sucker for Graco. In college, one of the very head guys--the owner, the founder, the son of the founder, something like that--came to one of our business class-meetings to discuss what it was all about, running his company. At the time, we had the same last names, my maiden name. Of course, him and I did get to speak about it. We didn't seem to be related. But, you know, I had to try. Who knows? I might be related to the Graco fortune in a way, way far off other-world of my imagination. :)

Hope all is well with you.

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Shannon said...

I love Graco too. We also have six booster car seats, don't feel bad, lol. It is very important for mine to STAY IN MY VEHICLE. The hubs has two for his trucks, and then two more for the dumptrucks. I can't be walking all over creation looking for the two clean ones for the Suburban. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, Graco totally rocks!