Sunday, November 02, 2008

Walking a path . . .

You would have had to see me trying to take this picture. It was as if I was trying to steal the moment. I was in a crowd people. We were listening to the host tell us the plan of the wine tasting schedule, tour, etc. of this vineyard. But, the people that I was with--if they saw me trying to take a picture of rocks, well . . . they just wouldn't appreciate the meaning or the purpose in it.

It's like my butterfly experience below. It's not everyone's cup of tea. Out of the eight people that I was able to tell about it this week . . . two didn't get it. "It's an insect?!?!?"

So, back to my path . . . I'm trying to find special meaning in the really simple things in life. That's one way that I can count my life as special is to find the rewarding and the amazing in the everyday. Life can be pretty mundane for me . . . so, this picture taking thing that I like to do helps me find something more out of life. Of course, the people alone in my life are special . . . but, I really enjoy helping them see the amazing too.

That's my path . . . looking for the Beautiful and the Amazing.

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