Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ten. Nine. Eight. . . .

Three. Two. One.


Happy Birthday, Elijah!!

You've made it to the big FIVE!

I've made it to your big FIVE!!

I swear to you that I never thought that this day would come . . . I don't know about you, Baby, but, the fact that you and I have both made it to this day alive is a pure miracle. Thank you, Jesus. With all the threats that I've made on your life and mine . . . thank you, Jesus!

So, it's a new year . . . I'm really looking forward to the changes.

What do you say, Baby? Can we get past the screaming now? No more fingers in your pooped-butt, right? How about the pee-pee . . . can we get it in the toilet from here on out? Brushing your own teeth from now on, without screaming? Doing your homework with meltdowns down to a minimum? Hmm? I'm only asking!. . . I know that a mother's love is supposed to stretch to outer space or something. But, I'm just sort of looking forward to some changes. You know that I love you--I'm just wondering--that's all.

My love for you is completely unconditional. Occasionally, though, I do want to enjoy myself a little on this crazy ride of yours. Your highs and lows require me to be a little flexible and accommodating, which I don't mind so much now--I'm sort of used to you. It's true that sometimes I forget to cut your sandwich in the right direction. I know that you don't like your sandwiches cut diagonally. And, I'm sorry that it took me awhile to pass on this information to everyone we know. But, don't worry--I now have that kind of information listed on your emergency contact card at school. Even, the pediatrician has that information now--it's all part of your permanent record, Nutjob Sweet Boy.

You know, my favorite part of you is your love and your humor. When you want something to show your love, . . . well, at those times, you are my most favorite cuddle partner. You tease me with your kisses and I know that is how it will always be with us. Sometimes, I feel like I'm chasing you down for your hugs and kisses. But, you're a boy so what can I expect?

And, you are a funny boy. The way that you make me and your sister giggle. It's one of our favorite pastimes. I wish that others saw this side of you more often. Because when I try and duplicate your funny moments, . . . well, I look just plain ridiculous doing it and giggling the whole time. People start to think that I'm nuts. But, that's you!--making me look like the nutjob when between you and me--you are totally the nutjob.

Yes, you're right. I shouldn't call you a nutjob. You've got personality, passion, and peculiarities. I'm not going to be one of those mothers that medicate. I refuse. Well, I may take medication to get through it all. But, in my book, you are just fine, Baby!


I love you. Thank you for all that you are. I know that you are amazing and that you will always be. And, I'm one lucky mom to see it all firsthand. Even if sometimes I might be hiding from your moments of crazy-insane. It's how I cope. So, be cool and give me a break sometimes, okay?

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy.



Shannon said...

Very cute. I feel like you just described my second born to a tee!

Vani said...

Happy belated big E!! I have kayla's this weekend, cleaning..cooking..and cleaning again. ugh