Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The sitter just called.

She called to let me know that she found Elijah's sock.

Well, since I didn't know nor care, I said, "Oh, I didn't realize that he was missing a sock." By the time that I get home, the boy is normally down to his underwear with a finger in there, doing what with his finger--I don't wanna know!

Anyway, she says, "Well, I just wanted you to know that I found the sock so you won't go crazy looking for it."

"Well, as I said, I didn't realize he was missing one. But, thank you.

"Oh, I get it. You think that I pair up the socks together? And, then, I would realize that I was missing one and would go crazy over it. Uh---no. We just dump them all into a drawer once they're clean and say, 'Good luck, kids!'

"But, really, thank you for calling and letting me know."

Doesn't she know me well enough by now?!?

This is the same lady, when last year, she told me that I should brush Elijah's hair back because his hair is always going in the forward direction. I said to her then, "I have to brush his hair?!? He hardly has any. I have enough trouble with Faith's hair every morning. I can't worry about another head of hair."

I believe, at the time, she asked Elijah, "What are we gonna do with your mother?" And, hugged him.

Yeah. That's me. Going nuts over a sock.

God bless her.


battlewounded said...

This is funny stuff, but I gotta tell ya, you are way too hard on yourself about your domestic skills or whatever you want to call it. Some moms vacuum. Some moms make amazing memories with their kids by taking pics of helping butterfly fly again. Give yourself credit. You ROCK!!

Vani said...

like you don't have enough to worry aobut right? lol

~Deb said...

Brushing peach fuzz! ha! Too funny. I'm 34 and still have a sock monster in my dryer. :|

Cute post!

The Mad Hoosier said...

Ha! I can relate to this in two ways. I nominated myself the "sock pairer" of the washed clothes about a year ago. I did so mostly because I didn't want my wife putting my socks into a ball, thereby stretching out the elastic and causing them to wear out way before they need to.

As many guys can attest to...socks and underware seem to last us for years. Some have an intricate system for making these items last as long as they do. For me, I will never wear a "new sock" and an "old sock" (you gotta love Hanes for not changing their sock styles in years).

Having said that, since assuming the duties of "sock paring", the socks largely remain in the "sock basket" after being washed, leaving not only my kids, but everyone to fend for themselves. That does make for some interesting hunts to pair socks up, as I search for an "old sock" at the bottom of the pile to match the "old sock" I just grabbed at the top of the pile. Nevermind the fact that I probably grab like 5 "new socks" in the mean time, thereby making two pairs of "new socks" while searching for one more "old sock" to make a pair.

So at least you put them in the respective owner's sock drawers! :)

I do break down, though, when a sock hunt session occasionally takes too long for one of the kids and my wife gripes enough. You have to make consessions, sometimes. :)

Shannon said...

You crack me up! But my boys are the same way. Any chance to get naked and the clothes are OFF. What is it about the male species anyway, lol. From the moment the back door closes after getting off the bus, my nine year old is down to his skivvies in a matter of seconds. It is a gift, truly.