Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The sitter called tonight.

S: Hi, it's just me.
ME: Hey, what's up?
S: I just wanted to know how Elijah was feeling.
ME: Oh. I didn't know. Was he feeling badly? [To my husband] Elijah wasn't feeling well?

[Daddy shakes his head. Possibly rolling his eyes.]

S: Well, he was just so irritable today. And, after he woke up from a nap, he was still in a bad mood. I felt his head but he didn't feel hot. I just wanted to make sure that he was okay.
ME: Daddy said he was fine once he got home. And, I didn't notice anything when I got home. I will talk to Elijah about it in the morning.
S: No, don't mention it. I just wanted to make sure.
ME: Okay. Thanks for calling. Talk to you tomorrow.

I got off the phone. I asked Daddy, "Why didn't you tell me that Elijah was irritable for L today?"

Looking at me like I was crazy or something,

"This is Elijah we're talking about, right? It's Tuesday. What can I tell you? He wakes up from a nap--he's no joke."

Actually, when I had spoke with the sitter earlier in the day, she had mentioned that Elijah was upset with her because she had asked him to put his socks back on since it's cold outside and all. She must have forgotten Elijah and his feelings on socks. Hence, the phone call this evening. Oh well. I truly love her in that second-mom-type of way which means that she can drive me crazy like a mother-type. Love her!

[I swear this kind of thing happens a lot. Just the other day, the sitter called me at work to tell me that she had "flatulence" because of the colonoscopy that she just had that day. And, that her and Faith were giggling over her flatulence. All I could think of . . . my daughter is hearing you fart?!?!?! Please. There's some things that you don't need to share with me!!]

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Shannon said...

Laughing hysterically. How old is this sitter? I'm guessing older than the hubs 16 year old, sixth cousin/new sitter down the street, lol.