Sunday, November 02, 2008

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law treated us to a day of wine tasting in the country. Babysitter included. It was a nice day. It reminded us of our Christian college days when we found ourselves on a bus together trying to cop-a-feel all day. Good times.

We weren't alone though . . . the whole boozing gang that consists of the in-laws and very good friends went along for the bus ride too. It was one of those high school alumni association fundraisers so the bus was full. And, a bunch of adults and a day of wine tasting along with all the liquor that they took with them on the way and a radio equals a scary ride home. Somehow, though, my husband and I were still able to jumpstart our lovelife a bit which we needed.

So, thanks a bunch to the liqoured crazies!

On a sidenote: It was great getting to see the kids again in the evening. Elijah kept asking--But, why did you go . . . He couldn't imagine that we would want to be without him on purpose. He was too cute. Faith kept comparing our time with her fun time. We, of course, left out a lot. But, Faith kept saying, "We still had more fun." Which Daddy and I were very happy about.

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