Thursday, November 27, 2008

Because it's Thanksgiving . . .

I also suggest heading over to this site. It's one of my most favorite hobbies, checking to see what's going on over there. You can't go wrong there.

It's the least that I can do while I do everything that I can to take it easy on this very special day.

While most people are cooking up a storm, I only have to remember to buy a roll of cookie dough for my sister-in-law. That's all that she wants me to bring. Really! She's good that way. I don't take offense even though I normally would never buy store-bought dough--I'm actually really cool with it today. It's all part of that plan to take it easy today.

I guess my look of overwhelm when even thinking about hosting a Thanksgiving dinner really saves me. I'm just not ready. Until I can take a leave of absence from work to prepare, I just don't think it's happening too soon. Maybe when Faith can cook a turkey on her own. I'm sure she will have it down in another year or two. haha We'll see . . .

But, as for the day, I'm truly thankful for all that I have. I hope that your Thanksgiving is a blessed time.

So, now, I must go to do the hardest part of my day . . . put my clothes on . . . haha I'm just kidding. I have to get the kids ready too. And, unfortunately, my husband who still seems to be recovering also has some insane plan of taking it easy too. WTH?!?! So, let me get the hard stuff done so I get back to my plan. Yeeeaaah.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The sitter called tonight.

S: Hi, it's just me.
ME: Hey, what's up?
S: I just wanted to know how Elijah was feeling.
ME: Oh. I didn't know. Was he feeling badly? [To my husband] Elijah wasn't feeling well?

[Daddy shakes his head. Possibly rolling his eyes.]

S: Well, he was just so irritable today. And, after he woke up from a nap, he was still in a bad mood. I felt his head but he didn't feel hot. I just wanted to make sure that he was okay.
ME: Daddy said he was fine once he got home. And, I didn't notice anything when I got home. I will talk to Elijah about it in the morning.
S: No, don't mention it. I just wanted to make sure.
ME: Okay. Thanks for calling. Talk to you tomorrow.

I got off the phone. I asked Daddy, "Why didn't you tell me that Elijah was irritable for L today?"

Looking at me like I was crazy or something,

"This is Elijah we're talking about, right? It's Tuesday. What can I tell you? He wakes up from a nap--he's no joke."

Actually, when I had spoke with the sitter earlier in the day, she had mentioned that Elijah was upset with her because she had asked him to put his socks back on since it's cold outside and all. She must have forgotten Elijah and his feelings on socks. Hence, the phone call this evening. Oh well. I truly love her in that second-mom-type of way which means that she can drive me crazy like a mother-type. Love her!

[I swear this kind of thing happens a lot. Just the other day, the sitter called me at work to tell me that she had "flatulence" because of the colonoscopy that she just had that day. And, that her and Faith were giggling over her flatulence. All I could think of . . . my daughter is hearing you fart?!?!?! Please. There's some things that you don't need to share with me!!]

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The sitter just called.

She called to let me know that she found Elijah's sock.

Well, since I didn't know nor care, I said, "Oh, I didn't realize that he was missing a sock." By the time that I get home, the boy is normally down to his underwear with a finger in there, doing what with his finger--I don't wanna know!

Anyway, she says, "Well, I just wanted you to know that I found the sock so you won't go crazy looking for it."

"Well, as I said, I didn't realize he was missing one. But, thank you.

"Oh, I get it. You think that I pair up the socks together? And, then, I would realize that I was missing one and would go crazy over it. Uh---no. We just dump them all into a drawer once they're clean and say, 'Good luck, kids!'

"But, really, thank you for calling and letting me know."

Doesn't she know me well enough by now?!?

This is the same lady, when last year, she told me that I should brush Elijah's hair back because his hair is always going in the forward direction. I said to her then, "I have to brush his hair?!? He hardly has any. I have enough trouble with Faith's hair every morning. I can't worry about another head of hair."

I believe, at the time, she asked Elijah, "What are we gonna do with your mother?" And, hugged him.

Yeah. That's me. Going nuts over a sock.

God bless her.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Back. At. Work.

I made it back in today. It was hard. But, I knew that I had to get back into my normal routine.

So, for our week of relaxing, . . . by relaxing, I mean that I finished off a couple of books while sometimes resting my head on my husband's lap. Assuming the couch potato position some of the time. Don't worry--my husband was also relaxing in the couch potato position some of the time too. I have to admit that I completely dodged dishes. I'm a genius like that. Truly.

Oh--I made a couple of meals. And, I think that I assisted with maybe another couple of meals. A c t u a l l y, I made lasagna, arroz con pollo, and other fat-filled carbed dishes for my boy's fifth birthday dinner. What this means is--leftovers for like three days!! Genius, I know. (We even went out to lunch a couple of times.)

It was the most fun picking the kids up everyday. I think that the kids really liked the change too. Daddy and I alternated most days dropping them off to school. Of course, being home also gave me more time with the kids after school . . . this could be a double-edged sword since it also gave us more time to debate, whine, argue, etc. together. Sweet love times--yeah.

My husband ended up pulling a muscle in his back around Thursday . . . what can I say? He has a bad back!

So, he ended up being sluggish around the house for a couple of days. But, he we recovered on Sunday to get laundry, vacuuming, and a little organizing done. We were almost frettish about it to redeem ourselves for our very, relaxing week.

[Okay. I'm not going to lie . . . I don't vacuum. But, it's not my fault. He is just obsessive about it! I can't help this.]

Conclusion: Taking a week off while the kids are in school is highly recommended. No guilt. No regrets. Just enjoying being home together.

Best. Week. Ever!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ten. Nine. Eight. . . .

Three. Two. One.


Happy Birthday, Elijah!!

You've made it to the big FIVE!

I've made it to your big FIVE!!

I swear to you that I never thought that this day would come . . . I don't know about you, Baby, but, the fact that you and I have both made it to this day alive is a pure miracle. Thank you, Jesus. With all the threats that I've made on your life and mine . . . thank you, Jesus!

So, it's a new year . . . I'm really looking forward to the changes.

What do you say, Baby? Can we get past the screaming now? No more fingers in your pooped-butt, right? How about the pee-pee . . . can we get it in the toilet from here on out? Brushing your own teeth from now on, without screaming? Doing your homework with meltdowns down to a minimum? Hmm? I'm only asking!. . . I know that a mother's love is supposed to stretch to outer space or something. But, I'm just sort of looking forward to some changes. You know that I love you--I'm just wondering--that's all.

My love for you is completely unconditional. Occasionally, though, I do want to enjoy myself a little on this crazy ride of yours. Your highs and lows require me to be a little flexible and accommodating, which I don't mind so much now--I'm sort of used to you. It's true that sometimes I forget to cut your sandwich in the right direction. I know that you don't like your sandwiches cut diagonally. And, I'm sorry that it took me awhile to pass on this information to everyone we know. But, don't worry--I now have that kind of information listed on your emergency contact card at school. Even, the pediatrician has that information now--it's all part of your permanent record, Nutjob Sweet Boy.

You know, my favorite part of you is your love and your humor. When you want something to show your love, . . . well, at those times, you are my most favorite cuddle partner. You tease me with your kisses and I know that is how it will always be with us. Sometimes, I feel like I'm chasing you down for your hugs and kisses. But, you're a boy so what can I expect?

And, you are a funny boy. The way that you make me and your sister giggle. It's one of our favorite pastimes. I wish that others saw this side of you more often. Because when I try and duplicate your funny moments, . . . well, I look just plain ridiculous doing it and giggling the whole time. People start to think that I'm nuts. But, that's you!--making me look like the nutjob when between you and me--you are totally the nutjob.

Yes, you're right. I shouldn't call you a nutjob. You've got personality, passion, and peculiarities. I'm not going to be one of those mothers that medicate. I refuse. Well, I may take medication to get through it all. But, in my book, you are just fine, Baby!


I love you. Thank you for all that you are. I know that you are amazing and that you will always be. And, I'm one lucky mom to see it all firsthand. Even if sometimes I might be hiding from your moments of crazy-insane. It's how I cope. So, be cool and give me a break sometimes, okay?

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy.


Friday, November 07, 2008

A Week Off . . .

If I can just get through this weekend. Since I was nuts enough to acquire a little retail job to do when I'm not working 9 to 5. Because of that stupid move, I'm working a few hours both Saturday and Sunday. [stupid girl!!] I'll do anything to dodge actual housework . . . what can I say?

Then, after that, I'm off for the week except for one weeknight and next Saturday. I'm pretty excited. I was even able to broker a deal with my husband. After long negotiations in how he would be benefited by this deal, he has agreed to stay home with me. He weighed the pros and cons (his words, not mine). He can stink like that! So, we will take the kids to school, pick them up, perhaps do a few dishes and meals together . . . you know that I had to sweeten the deal for him!

Actually, my work friends practically shamed me into giving in to his demands.

It's tough for me . . . truly! The people in my life are so cute that no one ever sees my side of the story!! Oh well.

Have a great weekend.

And, see you on the other side.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Wine Tasting Trip

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law treated us to a day of wine tasting in the country. Babysitter included. It was a nice day. It reminded us of our Christian college days when we found ourselves on a bus together trying to cop-a-feel all day. Good times.

We weren't alone though . . . the whole boozing gang that consists of the in-laws and very good friends went along for the bus ride too. It was one of those high school alumni association fundraisers so the bus was full. And, a bunch of adults and a day of wine tasting along with all the liquor that they took with them on the way and a radio equals a scary ride home. Somehow, though, my husband and I were still able to jumpstart our lovelife a bit which we needed.

So, thanks a bunch to the liqoured crazies!

On a sidenote: It was great getting to see the kids again in the evening. Elijah kept asking--But, why did you go . . . He couldn't imagine that we would want to be without him on purpose. He was too cute. Faith kept comparing our time with her fun time. We, of course, left out a lot. But, Faith kept saying, "We still had more fun." Which Daddy and I were very happy about.
Alone in a corn maze
Fooling around with a gate going into the vineyards . . .

There is just something about an old gate which can make one feel new.

Walking a path . . .

You would have had to see me trying to take this picture. It was as if I was trying to steal the moment. I was in a crowd people. We were listening to the host tell us the plan of the wine tasting schedule, tour, etc. of this vineyard. But, the people that I was with--if they saw me trying to take a picture of rocks, well . . . they just wouldn't appreciate the meaning or the purpose in it.

It's like my butterfly experience below. It's not everyone's cup of tea. Out of the eight people that I was able to tell about it this week . . . two didn't get it. "It's an insect?!?!?"

So, back to my path . . . I'm trying to find special meaning in the really simple things in life. That's one way that I can count my life as special is to find the rewarding and the amazing in the everyday. Life can be pretty mundane for me . . . so, this picture taking thing that I like to do helps me find something more out of life. Of course, the people alone in my life are special . . . but, I really enjoy helping them see the amazing too.

That's my path . . . looking for the Beautiful and the Amazing.
Pumpkins at a farmstand.
Still in Long Island
I've never seen this much blue sky at one time, while still being in Long Island and no water around. Just farmlands.