Sunday, October 26, 2008

Or, he found us.

See that little chip in the butterfly's wing. Well, you are not going to believe this.

After taking lots of pictures of this butterfly and wondering what I was going to do with it. After feeling its gentle footsteps on my skin and thinking about all of these beautiful analogies of the butterfly and its gentle walk on this earth. How its brokenness had given me this special view and experience. Were we going to give it a beautiful burial? Was it even right to consider it dying just because it seemed broken and immobile? How could I not consider trying to help it? But, what could I do?

So, I googled the words, "I found a broken butterfly."

And, I came to this video.

In nervousness, not wanting to mess up the little guy, I went back outside with a pair of scissors. I folded his wings together, lining them up evenly, I trimmed the wings to be symmetrical again.

And, shockingly, for all of us including the butterfly, the little guy took a few steps on my hand . . . and, as if my hand was a runway, he took off . . . a little slow and hesitant . . . he flew away with the wind under him.

It was a beautiful experience. And, I feel blessed to have had the moment.

Edited to add: I finally got my butterfly shot(s)!!

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Shannon said...

Wow, what a great story!!! Love it.