Friday, October 10, 2008

Kind of interesting . . .

This article is the poor millionaires' side of the story.

But, it's interesting. And, it gives another perspective.

Since I can't really do much in a mortgage these days, I have a little time to look into the economy. So, ask me anything . . . I'm a genius! hahaha I'm totally kidding!

The article does point out one little thing . . . I'm not too sure that Washington knows what it's doing.

But, I'm sure we all already knew that.

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The Mad Hoosier said...

I didn't understand much of that jibberish. It could be because it came from a hedge fund managers. Untrustworthy lot, they are.

Did you know that the top hedge fund manager last year made $3.4 Billion (with a B)! The year before, the top hedge fund manager made over $1 Billion. That's salary, not how much the hedge fund itself made!

It's kinda scary how huge some of these hedge funds are. Did I mention that they are largely unregulated?!


The Mad Hoosier said...

Oh....and on the government not knowing what they are doing issue...they appear to not be students of History either.

I'm no Great Depression buff...but I believe that what the government is doing now...trying anything and everything what happened leading up to the Depression. The New Deal is what made the Depression, Great....the way I understand it.

Did you know that the Depression worldwide lasted 3 the US it lasted 10?

Just some feel good facts for ya there. :)

Shannon said...

Have they ever? Bottom line, where is the accountability for all of these businesses lending out money to people that had no business getting approved for a loan in the first place? Why are the key players asking for the bail-out loaded? Why does everyone try to cut out the agricultural aspects of the budget every five minutes? We are ONLY three percent of the governments spending. A whopping three.
Amen on them being clueless. Hey Washington, get your heads out of the sand!