Sunday, October 19, 2008


"Long Island's Premier Amusement Park", as quoted by Alex Fletcher with that beautiful English accent in that corny movie Music and Lyrics, that I cannot get enough when it's really, really late and nothing else is on . . . starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore.

Happy Birthday to our friend, Gabriel.

We were invited to his birthday party. And, we had a great time. Unfortunately, the park is big enough that we didn't get to see him except at the pizza/cake time. And, fortunately, the park is big enough that there are really no lines. So, a big yeah!

His mother, Nancy, is a sweetheart. And, she has been great getting to know. It is one of those situations where I get to see the mom because of our girls' nights than the kids really get to play together. But, we are planning a kids playdate soon so that Gabriel and Elijah can have more time together.

The other great thing about getting to know Nancy is that I've been able to meet a couple who live in our town (Nancy doesn't live in our town). And, as it turns out, their daughter, Kayta, is in Faith's same grade. We ended up doing basketball together this past summer. And, they are in the same dance class. All this--completely on accident. So, it's just been destiny in us getting to know them also.

That is how it is with me, in moving to New York. All of my friends have stemmed from me getting to know Jane, whose daughter is also in the pictures. From Jane and with Jane, I'm creating this network of New York friends and their kids. It's been great. Sometimes, it's like a miracle to me. So, beware, if I get to know you, I will probably want to know your friends too. I'm bad like that. haha

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Shannon said...

Isn't it neat how things like that work out? I met a mom that went to school with the hubs and through her have met many more moms in this area. I am a transplant from one county over, and didn't know anyone here. I LOVE the black and white teacup picture. You really have a great eye for getting awesome shots!