Thursday, October 30, 2008

I knew this girl.

We worked together in retail. In a group, we went out a couple of times.

Super sweet girl. Everyone loved working with her.

I'm very saddened by this whole thing.

My heart aches for her family. I can't even imagine . . .

No one deserves this.

Lord, cover me and mine.

[Only if you want, but you can click the picture to read what happened to her. But, it is not good. Very serious.]

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Model Patient


We contemplate the future.


We found a broken butterfly today.

Or, he found us.

See that little chip in the butterfly's wing. Well, you are not going to believe this.

After taking lots of pictures of this butterfly and wondering what I was going to do with it. After feeling its gentle footsteps on my skin and thinking about all of these beautiful analogies of the butterfly and its gentle walk on this earth. How its brokenness had given me this special view and experience. Were we going to give it a beautiful burial? Was it even right to consider it dying just because it seemed broken and immobile? How could I not consider trying to help it? But, what could I do?

So, I googled the words, "I found a broken butterfly."

And, I came to this video.

In nervousness, not wanting to mess up the little guy, I went back outside with a pair of scissors. I folded his wings together, lining them up evenly, I trimmed the wings to be symmetrical again.

And, shockingly, for all of us including the butterfly, the little guy took a few steps on my hand . . . and, as if my hand was a runway, he took off . . . a little slow and hesitant . . . he flew away with the wind under him.

It was a beautiful experience. And, I feel blessed to have had the moment.

Edited to add: I finally got my butterfly shot(s)!!

You can kind of see the chip in the wing better here.


I succumbed . . .

For some reason, Faith is always very concerned how our house is not decorated for Halloween. Then, she asks me why I don't like Halloween. Then, I try to explain to her how it's not a real holiday. I try to touch on my beliefs about it without explaining its pagan origins. However, I don't even the use the word "pagan" because I don't want to get into all that with her. I just want her to basically leave me alone about it. Since I don't decorate the outside of the house for any holiday, why would I for Halloween?

But, I was on some crazy mission for pumpkins yesterday. Mainly, because I found out that our sitter/neighbor had given Faith $2 for the school's pumpkin patch. But, Faith only brought one pumpkin home and I certainly didn't want to be owing anyone a pumpkin!

So, while we were out there in the rain's drizzle, we picked out a little pumpkin for our sitter/neighbor. At the same time, I got really adventurous about thinking about carving a pumpkin for the kids. ?!?!!? So, we picked out Mr. Pumpkin above. Belted him into the car. (I think that I was even using a pumpkin voice for him?!?!?! So sorry!) And, gave him a face that evening.

What I can't figure out is why it did not have much insides in order to try and bake something with it. Lots of seeds though.

Bottomline--I impressed the hell out of Faith and Daddy.

They couldn't believe it either!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


"Long Island's Premier Amusement Park", as quoted by Alex Fletcher with that beautiful English accent in that corny movie Music and Lyrics, that I cannot get enough when it's really, really late and nothing else is on . . . starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore.

Happy Birthday to our friend, Gabriel.

We were invited to his birthday party. And, we had a great time. Unfortunately, the park is big enough that we didn't get to see him except at the pizza/cake time. And, fortunately, the park is big enough that there are really no lines. So, a big yeah!

His mother, Nancy, is a sweetheart. And, she has been great getting to know. It is one of those situations where I get to see the mom because of our girls' nights than the kids really get to play together. But, we are planning a kids playdate soon so that Gabriel and Elijah can have more time together.

The other great thing about getting to know Nancy is that I've been able to meet a couple who live in our town (Nancy doesn't live in our town). And, as it turns out, their daughter, Kayta, is in Faith's same grade. We ended up doing basketball together this past summer. And, they are in the same dance class. All this--completely on accident. So, it's just been destiny in us getting to know them also.

That is how it is with me, in moving to New York. All of my friends have stemmed from me getting to know Jane, whose daughter is also in the pictures. From Jane and with Jane, I'm creating this network of New York friends and their kids. It's been great. Sometimes, it's like a miracle to me. So, beware, if I get to know you, I will probably want to know your friends too. I'm bad like that. haha
Faith and her friend went on this over and over. They loved the "butterflies" that they felt in their stomachs.

Surprisingly, Elijah did too.

They both did so good on the rides.

I was able to watch them long enough to take a picture or two.

These around and around rides--I get sick to my stomach just watching it.


Really not a line-up of the police sort . . .

They were just waiting in line. Really. haha

One of best birthday parties ever!

Great weather. Hardly any meltdowns. No lines.

Will miracles never cease?

"Look into my eyes"

"I'll fool you like I fool my mom. I'm cute like that."

Screams of joy, I promise.

This is the boy in my life that when I see him, I get the very quick feeling that I wish for another boy of this size and age. But, after a few seconds of crazy, I get better.
Confession: I love taking pictures of this boy.
I might capture this picture.

But, he captures my heart.

He stinks that way.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Kind of interesting . . .

This article is the poor millionaires' side of the story.

But, it's interesting. And, it gives another perspective.

Since I can't really do much in a mortgage these days, I have a little time to look into the economy. So, ask me anything . . . I'm a genius! hahaha I'm totally kidding!

The article does point out one little thing . . . I'm not too sure that Washington knows what it's doing.

But, I'm sure we all already knew that.

File Under: Putting in my two cents

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Felt good . . .

This evening
Driving home
The sunroof open
The sun setting beautifully
Music blaring
Rocking to the music
Couldn't feel the cares
Felt light
Wondering where this part of me had been hiding
Startled, it felt good.

Can't wait to try it again tomorrow.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Masker Orchards

Nana with my kids.

Elijah was Elijah some of the time. And, then, he was Dr. Jeckyll the other part of the time.

Luckily, I had lots of ground to walk far from him some of the time. Whenever necessary.

It was a good time with great weather.

Overall, a super day.

Except, maybe, for Elijah . . . because he will be on a no-computer-games kind of week fast.

At least, he will have lots and lots of apples to eat!
Finally, we made it to apple picking in Warwick, NY.

There is apple picking on Long Island but there is something about these views that is worth the drive and toll money.

Do you agree?

At our local park

Photo of Elijah taken by Elijah
Photo of Faith taken by Elijah