Saturday, September 06, 2008

I meant to show you.

My neighbor's garden is the best place to grow eggplant. I'm sure of it.

I actually did a little dance when I came home to find that my neighbor had given me this eggplant. Woohoo!!

I then proceeded to take pictures (with my camera and phone) of it so that I could show everyone I know the biggest, purple pumpkin eggplant that I had ever seen.

I wasn't sure if I should put a jack-o-lantern face on it or cook it.

But, since carving a face on the eggplant seemed like alot of work, I decided to cook it. The slices of eggplant came out the sizes of pork chops.

And, it was good.


Shannon said...

That thing is HUGE! I don't think I have ever had eggplant, what does it taste like? Tell ya what, you taste some fried okra and some grits, and I'll taste some eggplant.... deal?

Marel Lecone said...

Oh--you see I haven't mentioned it here in awhile but I am original Southern girl. I only moved to NY from FL in 2001 to chase down a good man, get married, have kids, go crazy. haha Which means the only thing left is for you to try eggplant. haha I have already had my fried okra and grits. But, truly, it is hard to find that here in NY so I probably haven't ate it since we were vacationing in FL and eating in some great all-u-can-eat buffet. I'll see if I can find fresh okra and then I'll fry some up. I probably did not ever have eggplant until I came to NY. It is definitely an Italian staple here. It's hard to describe the taste. I season the bread crumbs to make it more tasty. The other day--I chopped up one to sneak a vegetable into the spaghetti sauce. The kids didn't even know it! muaaahhh. haha

Flip Flop Momma said...

it doesnt even look real, it looks so shiny...u cant eat it..its like a knick knack...