Saturday, August 09, 2008

Your comments were great!!

Regarding kindergarten, I was feeling the same way . . . the nursery school teacher points out--"he doesn't know how to skip on one foot." I was all like "so, that's bad?" Don't some of these things just happen in time? Do I really have to put him in a skipping class? Is it something that I have to take off work for? Or, just put it on my long list of "to-do's"?

And, man, in preparation of the summer coming--every one of the mothers that I spoke to listed the long list of things that they had planned for the kids for the summer. [Say it fast!] Summer school, summer camp, swimming, soccer, dancing, drama, singing, reading class--I can keep going here all day but I have a long list of things to do today as it is. Anyway, I was all--"They'll be at the babysitters. Faith is doing basketball. And, we are doing the reading club at the library." That's it! I swear that they looked at me with pity. I'm sure of it!

I'm just happy to get on time to work so that I can leave on time since school makes me run late to work. I love being home in the evenings earlier. Fortunately-unfortunately, it leaves a lot of time for a lot of reading with the kids. As for summer school, I never went to summer school. And, I'm pretty sure we were too po' to go to any summer or day camps.

But, in all fairness, I've been hauling their little asses all over the place whenever I get the chance. When I'm not sleeping. The library, the craft store for very cheap crafts. We've been painting like Picasso. I've baked cookies a couple of times. We get wet in the sprinkler like twice a day when we're home. I mean--isn't that what life's all about?

But, this weekend, I think that I may have scored the coolest bounty . . . the coolest set (4) of tickets yet! Well, my husband probably would disagree since the Yankee tickets were pretty cool for him.

With very little shame, I called our Allure salesman who sold us on this insanely expensive basement that we love. Yet, I'm determine to get my money's worth out of that transaction. From a year ago. So, I called the salesman and left him a message, salesperson to salesperson.
"Hey, you know, money's tight. And, I noticed that you guys are one of the sponsors of the NY Metro Balloon festival thing. It would be really great if you could get us some passes. I've always wanted to go. And, I know that tickets are pretty pricey. Just see what you can do. We'd really appreciate it. Thank you."

Afterwards, for a week or so, I was a little embarrassed within myself. [I'm not into any forms of begging unless I'm getting out of work around the house. You know, then I beg.]

Not anymore!

[Hands in the air. Swaying a bit.]

We got them! So, we are going tomorrow morning. A little downside is that we have to be there early if we want to see the morning launch. Or, late, to see the evening launch. I think morning would be better but it's early morning. [Say it spooky-like, eeeeaaarrrrlllyy. And, shiver.]

So, pray for great pics!!

And, have a great weekend.

NOTE: Now that I think about it--I really deserve these tickets since I tried MULTIPLE times this week for Jonas Brothers tickets on WPLJ without success. [Because I refuse to think that I'm too old for this kind of thing.]

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