Sunday, August 03, 2008

White Post Farms

Faith enjoyed giving the bottle to the goats.

I enjoyed seeing the goats, sheep, and llamas devour the food out of my hands.

Daddy had a good time too. He didn't roll his eyes once to me, after spending close to $40 so that the kids could refuse to do most things that were available to do. So, we fed the animals with the animal feed that we bought. And, the kids played on the different play areas that were there. Overall, it was pricey. But, we brought our own snacks and drinks so that was helpful.

Oh, we bought their fresh apple pie for $9.99 . . . it was yummy! Warm, fresh, and but not tart . . . really good!

As for Elijah, he was disappointed that it wasn't an African safari.

There is just no pleasing that child.

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