Sunday, August 10, 2008

NY Metro Balloon Festival


Well, we made it. We drove the hour or so to exit 68S on the LIE to arrive there by 6 am. We looked for the parking lot for fifteen minutes. And, we were outta there by 10:30 am.

I would like to vent here about how I'm so glad and thankful for free tickets.

I would like to share the good and the bad. And, the funny--my husband had me dying with laughter that I pretty much pee'd in my pants. Yeah--feels really good on a hot, humid morning too.

Of course, I would like to share the positive outlook that my son, Elijah, continues to dazzle us with . . . yeah right!

But, I'm just completely sleepy to do anything but to push my husband over on whatever couch he is on and try to sneak in a nap.

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