Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I've been sweating the small stuff.

Just so ya know . . . Summer is not all about relaxing and having fun.

It's alot of preparing for the new school year.

Like getting them to the dentist . . . . for the first time! Supposedly, it's a big deal. I wouldn't know myself. I think I've been three time in my life! When the dentist said that "they don't have any cavities", I was like "Yuh! That thought had never even crossed my mind." [I myself have never had a cavity. Thank you very much!] I would have probably fallen down if he had told me they have cavities. Overall, it wasn't a terrible experience. Faith did well. Watermelon toothpaste helped. Elijah cried, wailed . . . the usual. Chocolate toothpaste did not help.

Also, we've been working on the basics. Like writing our last name. It had not occured to me that I needed to pass that information along. So, now, my poor Faith has her library card as evidence that she doesn't know how to spell her last name. Oops. [But, it's really cute . . . And, I love it!]

Then, we've been going over our address and phone number. Very important information for the kids to know. I know that Faith has known our phone number for some time. I know this because there were random school friends of hers that would call the house to speak to Faith. "Can I speak to Faith?" So, we had to have the sit-down to say "You know that you can't be giving our phone number to everyone, right?"

Other than that, Faith and I were at Target tonight returning shoes that I had ordered online. The shoes were shipped in the wrong size. Lots of fun looking over shoes with her. She didn't believe me most of the time that her size is 13 1/2. At times, my mind fast-forwarded to the future. Ugh! I foresee many hours of standing around waiting for her to make a decision. Ugh!

Well, I have a little bit more stuff to work on like party invitations, book reading clubs, school supplies . . . the list seems to just go on and on!

Now I understand when everyone would say that when they are babies, it's easy.

Yeah. I get it.

Now . . . not easy.

Well, at least now they can kind of wipe their own asses without using the hand towels or wiping it on the walls.

Lately, that is.


Shannon said...

Woohoo, the wiping part was hilarious!!! I celebrated the day the buddies started wiping (those cottonelle wet wipes helped). Yeah, getting ready for school is hard for the first child. After that you are like "heck yeah" with the rest. I balled my eyes out when my first son started school, now I am counting down the days until they all four go in 2009, lol. I taught the buddies our address over the summer because K is so hard in our state now. They are tested on the first day of school, and then you go in for a conference and the teacher tells you EVERYTHING they don't know. She was like, "W doesn't know all of his letters, what a cube is, or punctuation". I was like, seriously!

The Mad Hoosier said...

I'm in the same boat. Who would have thought that a kidnergartener would need to know their address before coming to school. Is it too much to ask that someone watches my kids from the moment I drop off at school to the moment I pick them up? Isn't that what my tax dollars go for...for someone to watch (and teach, obviously) my kids??

I long for my kids to have a simpler time as when I was a kid. I know I didn't know my address or phone number in kidnergarten, but I did walk home on many occasions with my best friend, Kenny. I always made it home fine without actually knowing my address.

I'm glad your trip to the dentist went well. Our's...not so much. Somehow, our salesman/dentist found one new cavity in me and two in my daughter. Is that even possible? We went last year. Even if I only brushed twice a week, which definitely isn't the case, can a cavity form in a year?? Who would have thought you'd need to search for a second opinion on dental work??