Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Faith.


Wow, Baby, you are six today. Not sixteen. But, six. I can't believe I've been attempting this mother thing for six years now. Thank you for teaching me so much. Your wisdom is beyond your years. Well, at least, you think that your wisdom is beyond mine. That's probably the hardest thing as you and I walk together through this life. Convincing you that I know what I'm talking about most of the time. I suppose that is the curse of the firstborn girl. I should know since I am one also. We are very capable people. I can only hope and pray to show you how to be the firstborn girl with humility and kindness. I'm trying, okay?

One of my most favorite parts of you is your enthusiasm. I roll my eyes love every time that you get so excited over every little thing. It actually makes my job easier a lot of the time. I can do the littlest, special thing--and, this is the best day ever!!?!?!? Even little things like breakfast, lunch, dinner can get you this excited. I guess if I did these things for you more often then it wouldn't be such an exciting surprise for you. Oh well. I like keeping the bar low so that the little things mean so much more.

Your smile is infectious too. Everyone that you meet loves to meet you and love you. Of course, that doesn't make my job easier. Because I don't get to vent much about you when you drive me crazy. People defend you like I've wronged you somehow, like they're your attorney. "Oh, she's so sweet." "Oh, let her do it. She's fine." "Leave her alone." "She's brilliant!" You really make me behave--that's for sure!

So, happy birthday, my girl. Even though it has felt for me and your daddy like your birth-century. This has been the longest celebration of a birthday ever. After a weekend of seemingly endless get-togethers, your father and I are just completely wiped out. So, we might try and trick you out of a birthday next year. You have to be careful--we are just that sneaky.

Well, Baby, know that I will always be here for you. That I love you with all of my heart. Of course, I can't imagine life without you. Even though sometimes I do ask for moments to myself--it's only so I can get up again and aim to be the best mom ever!!!

I love you.



Shannon said...

The "keeping the bar low" part was just too hilarious!!!! Birthdays ARE draining. This year I was all, how about you each have a buddy over and spend the night , and go to the drive-in or something. They loved it! We still did cake with the fam but it was very low-key and relaxed.

The Mad Hoosier said...

THIS is one of the reasons I LOVE coming to your blog. No matter how bad my day is going, something so sweet like this letter to your daughter can brighten the worst of days.