Saturday, August 02, 2008

Family Time

In effort to cut down on tv time, I suggested the other night that we play Chutes and Ladders, Sesame Street edition, together as a family. All four of us.

Good times. For me, at least.

It was hilarious watching my family rejoice as I went down the chute just so that I wouldn't be in first place. The hilarious part is that Daddy instigated it all. High fives and all!

Then, to see Elijah challenge the rules by "reading" over the "decorations".

Uh. It's called the directions. And, you can't quite read yet!

The really fun part came when Faith and me were giggling over the fact that Elijah was screaming because he wanted needed to spin for a one to win.

"I want a one!!!"

Two spins later, I'm all--"Please, God, let him get a one."

He does. And, O-MY-GOSH! I started to look around for Big Bird in the flesh. Because the kid. Was freaking out with sheer joy and pleasure.

It's SO nice to know that Daddy and I are really fostering some good sportsmanship around here. Yeah!
Next up for family fun time: We are planning to go tomorrow to White Post Farms for some fun with animals. Elijah keeps saying, "We are going on an African safari!" Cute!

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Shannon said...

I know what you mean about hoping he got a one, lol. We fill the same way when one of the buddies gets down to their last card in Uno. They think if you get one card first... you win. Sometimes we have to "fake" let them win. Good stuff!