Sunday, August 31, 2008

Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly-sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. On the other hand, this not knowing has its charms.

Whew. Thirty-six pencils. Sharpened.

So glad that just this morning I picked up on the "sharpened" part of the school supplies list.

Also so glad that I'm taking an additional couple of days off this week since this day was basically devoted to sharpening the thirty-six pencils.

In between sharpening these pencils and taking small breaks [due to hand cramping up], I was able to read over the week's mail, think over what pictures I wanted to take of my beautiful bouquet of pencils, think about writing this post, think about inventing a super-fast multiple-sharpening pencil sharpener to kick the ass of my slow-ass pencil sharpener . . . I'm really close to getting the patent on that last idea already. I'm hoping to make millions!! haha

Have a wonderful Labor Day holiday!

And, if you have small children, I would suggest starting now to sharpen your pencils . . . . it's never too early to start because, trust me--it can take all damn day!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Faith.


Wow, Baby, you are six today. Not sixteen. But, six. I can't believe I've been attempting this mother thing for six years now. Thank you for teaching me so much. Your wisdom is beyond your years. Well, at least, you think that your wisdom is beyond mine. That's probably the hardest thing as you and I walk together through this life. Convincing you that I know what I'm talking about most of the time. I suppose that is the curse of the firstborn girl. I should know since I am one also. We are very capable people. I can only hope and pray to show you how to be the firstborn girl with humility and kindness. I'm trying, okay?

One of my most favorite parts of you is your enthusiasm. I roll my eyes love every time that you get so excited over every little thing. It actually makes my job easier a lot of the time. I can do the littlest, special thing--and, this is the best day ever!!?!?!? Even little things like breakfast, lunch, dinner can get you this excited. I guess if I did these things for you more often then it wouldn't be such an exciting surprise for you. Oh well. I like keeping the bar low so that the little things mean so much more.

Your smile is infectious too. Everyone that you meet loves to meet you and love you. Of course, that doesn't make my job easier. Because I don't get to vent much about you when you drive me crazy. People defend you like I've wronged you somehow, like they're your attorney. "Oh, she's so sweet." "Oh, let her do it. She's fine." "Leave her alone." "She's brilliant!" You really make me behave--that's for sure!

So, happy birthday, my girl. Even though it has felt for me and your daddy like your birth-century. This has been the longest celebration of a birthday ever. After a weekend of seemingly endless get-togethers, your father and I are just completely wiped out. So, we might try and trick you out of a birthday next year. You have to be careful--we are just that sneaky.

Well, Baby, know that I will always be here for you. That I love you with all of my heart. Of course, I can't imagine life without you. Even though sometimes I do ask for moments to myself--it's only so I can get up again and aim to be the best mom ever!!!

I love you.


Monday, August 18, 2008

We finally get it.

My husband and I finally get it.

We've basically been hitting the motherload of kid birthday parties lately.

For the simple price of $20-$30 for a simple gift or gift card (I make the cards), we are getting a family day out with basically all-you-can-eat buffetts, days at the beach, puppet shows for the kids, other kid entertainments, and a little liquor.

My husband wants to know when the next party is.

What he doesn't realize is ours is the next party.

Payback's on its way!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I was just going over my pictures from the last couple of weeks.

I just noticed here . . . Elijah was either ensuring that Swiper doesn't swipe his package.

Or, perhaps, this was right before a potty break.

With boys, you can never really tell.


And, please. Comment on the man purse which isn't a man purse. Really--I'm not a cruel woman!


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bruce Sarafian, world record juggler

Faith really enjoyed watching the show.
Elijah did not.
The best smiles . . .

I would like to clarify that this smile by Elijah was hours after leaving the balloon festival, a trip to Wendy's, a long nap, and more food at this event (spending time with family as shown in the background).

But, beautiful smiles nonetheless . . .

NY Metro Balloon Festival


Well, we made it. We drove the hour or so to exit 68S on the LIE to arrive there by 6 am. We looked for the parking lot for fifteen minutes. And, we were outta there by 10:30 am.

I would like to vent here about how I'm so glad and thankful for free tickets.

I would like to share the good and the bad. And, the funny--my husband had me dying with laughter that I pretty much pee'd in my pants. Yeah--feels really good on a hot, humid morning too.

Of course, I would like to share the positive outlook that my son, Elijah, continues to dazzle us with . . . yeah right!

But, I'm just completely sleepy to do anything but to push my husband over on whatever couch he is on and try to sneak in a nap.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Your comments were great!!

Regarding kindergarten, I was feeling the same way . . . the nursery school teacher points out--"he doesn't know how to skip on one foot." I was all like "so, that's bad?" Don't some of these things just happen in time? Do I really have to put him in a skipping class? Is it something that I have to take off work for? Or, just put it on my long list of "to-do's"?

And, man, in preparation of the summer coming--every one of the mothers that I spoke to listed the long list of things that they had planned for the kids for the summer. [Say it fast!] Summer school, summer camp, swimming, soccer, dancing, drama, singing, reading class--I can keep going here all day but I have a long list of things to do today as it is. Anyway, I was all--"They'll be at the babysitters. Faith is doing basketball. And, we are doing the reading club at the library." That's it! I swear that they looked at me with pity. I'm sure of it!

I'm just happy to get on time to work so that I can leave on time since school makes me run late to work. I love being home in the evenings earlier. Fortunately-unfortunately, it leaves a lot of time for a lot of reading with the kids. As for summer school, I never went to summer school. And, I'm pretty sure we were too po' to go to any summer or day camps.

But, in all fairness, I've been hauling their little asses all over the place whenever I get the chance. When I'm not sleeping. The library, the craft store for very cheap crafts. We've been painting like Picasso. I've baked cookies a couple of times. We get wet in the sprinkler like twice a day when we're home. I mean--isn't that what life's all about?

But, this weekend, I think that I may have scored the coolest bounty . . . the coolest set (4) of tickets yet! Well, my husband probably would disagree since the Yankee tickets were pretty cool for him.

With very little shame, I called our Allure salesman who sold us on this insanely expensive basement that we love. Yet, I'm determine to get my money's worth out of that transaction. From a year ago. So, I called the salesman and left him a message, salesperson to salesperson.
"Hey, you know, money's tight. And, I noticed that you guys are one of the sponsors of the NY Metro Balloon festival thing. It would be really great if you could get us some passes. I've always wanted to go. And, I know that tickets are pretty pricey. Just see what you can do. We'd really appreciate it. Thank you."

Afterwards, for a week or so, I was a little embarrassed within myself. [I'm not into any forms of begging unless I'm getting out of work around the house. You know, then I beg.]

Not anymore!

[Hands in the air. Swaying a bit.]

We got them! So, we are going tomorrow morning. A little downside is that we have to be there early if we want to see the morning launch. Or, late, to see the evening launch. I think morning would be better but it's early morning. [Say it spooky-like, eeeeaaarrrrlllyy. And, shiver.]

So, pray for great pics!!

And, have a great weekend.

NOTE: Now that I think about it--I really deserve these tickets since I tried MULTIPLE times this week for Jonas Brothers tickets on WPLJ without success. [Because I refuse to think that I'm too old for this kind of thing.]

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I've been sweating the small stuff.

Just so ya know . . . Summer is not all about relaxing and having fun.

It's alot of preparing for the new school year.

Like getting them to the dentist . . . . for the first time! Supposedly, it's a big deal. I wouldn't know myself. I think I've been three time in my life! When the dentist said that "they don't have any cavities", I was like "Yuh! That thought had never even crossed my mind." [I myself have never had a cavity. Thank you very much!] I would have probably fallen down if he had told me they have cavities. Overall, it wasn't a terrible experience. Faith did well. Watermelon toothpaste helped. Elijah cried, wailed . . . the usual. Chocolate toothpaste did not help.

Also, we've been working on the basics. Like writing our last name. It had not occured to me that I needed to pass that information along. So, now, my poor Faith has her library card as evidence that she doesn't know how to spell her last name. Oops. [But, it's really cute . . . And, I love it!]

Then, we've been going over our address and phone number. Very important information for the kids to know. I know that Faith has known our phone number for some time. I know this because there were random school friends of hers that would call the house to speak to Faith. "Can I speak to Faith?" So, we had to have the sit-down to say "You know that you can't be giving our phone number to everyone, right?"

Other than that, Faith and I were at Target tonight returning shoes that I had ordered online. The shoes were shipped in the wrong size. Lots of fun looking over shoes with her. She didn't believe me most of the time that her size is 13 1/2. At times, my mind fast-forwarded to the future. Ugh! I foresee many hours of standing around waiting for her to make a decision. Ugh!

Well, I have a little bit more stuff to work on like party invitations, book reading clubs, school supplies . . . the list seems to just go on and on!

Now I understand when everyone would say that when they are babies, it's easy.

Yeah. I get it.

Now . . . not easy.

Well, at least now they can kind of wipe their own asses without using the hand towels or wiping it on the walls.

Lately, that is.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

What I do all summer . . .

Still playing around with marigolds.
I got lots of tomatoes!
I've never found marigolds that fun to take pics of . . . but, I really like this.

The little flowers are oregano.
Plum Tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes

White Post Farms

Faith enjoyed giving the bottle to the goats.

I enjoyed seeing the goats, sheep, and llamas devour the food out of my hands.

Daddy had a good time too. He didn't roll his eyes once to me, after spending close to $40 so that the kids could refuse to do most things that were available to do. So, we fed the animals with the animal feed that we bought. And, the kids played on the different play areas that were there. Overall, it was pricey. But, we brought our own snacks and drinks so that was helpful.

Oh, we bought their fresh apple pie for $9.99 . . . it was yummy! Warm, fresh, and but not tart . . . really good!

As for Elijah, he was disappointed that it wasn't an African safari.

There is just no pleasing that child.
Now, that's love.

I tell him to stand in front of the big ear of corn for a picture.

And, my husband does.

Of course, Elijah does not know yet of this love.

He refused.
She's cute.

But, she makes me roll my eyes too.

This goat just stood there balancing on this beam. I think he was sleeping.

It's hard to be a showgoat.
I think here they were in the process of reenacting Noah and the Ark.
Here they are checking out the local real estate.

We finally made good on all of our threats . . . we're kicking them out of our house.

Now, they'll take us seriously!

This place has so many cute slide and play areas for the kids.
Striking a pose . . . all day long.
Faith and Elijah are here visiting with the Grumpy Old Troll who lives under the bridge.

As you can see, Elijah was also here to pick up some pointers on how to be the Grumpy Old Troll who lives in our house.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Family Time

In effort to cut down on tv time, I suggested the other night that we play Chutes and Ladders, Sesame Street edition, together as a family. All four of us.

Good times. For me, at least.

It was hilarious watching my family rejoice as I went down the chute just so that I wouldn't be in first place. The hilarious part is that Daddy instigated it all. High fives and all!

Then, to see Elijah challenge the rules by "reading" over the "decorations".

Uh. It's called the directions. And, you can't quite read yet!

The really fun part came when Faith and me were giggling over the fact that Elijah was screaming because he wanted needed to spin for a one to win.

"I want a one!!!"

Two spins later, I'm all--"Please, God, let him get a one."

He does. And, O-MY-GOSH! I started to look around for Big Bird in the flesh. Because the kid. Was freaking out with sheer joy and pleasure.

It's SO nice to know that Daddy and I are really fostering some good sportsmanship around here. Yeah!
Next up for family fun time: We are planning to go tomorrow to White Post Farms for some fun with animals. Elijah keeps saying, "We are going on an African safari!" Cute!