Thursday, May 01, 2008

Muuuaaaaahhhh . . .

[Think of the Count from Sesame Street.]


Here's the story . . .

A very cool wife was able to score free Yankee tickets for tonight for her sweet husband.

That very cool wife was also cool about him inviting his work buddies instead of her.

She was even cool about taking care of her children. And, doing things like . . . uh, dinner . . . even though it was McDonalds. Things like . . . showers for the kids so they can be clean.

Now, she's getting the biggest kick out of watching the Yankees on tv play in the rain!


But, in a sobering moment, the cool wife just had another thought . . . what if the tickets were so amazing and the sweet husband is getting to stay dry while the Yankees get all wet.

Well, she's cool with that . . . since he is sweet.

And, Lord knows . . . he's the luckiest bastard ever!

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