Sunday, May 25, 2008

It didn't work but it was certainly worth the try.

In an effort to try yet again to get my girl, Faith, to eat vegetables, I made up a little story.

You see, she didn't want her broccoli. She said that she didn't like broccoli.

I proceeded to tell her that I was just trying to keep the promise that I had made to her many years ago.

The promise that she made me promise to give her broccoli because she loved broccoli. And, that the only way that she would live in this house is that I would continue to give her broccoli for as long as she lived.


She didn't believe me.
And, that she didn't remember ever saying that to me.

I said that of course she wouldn't remember saying it. It was many years ago when she was very young.

Damn these children. They grow up so smart so fast!

[I have the most fun making up these stories . . . so far, she believes that I have a college degree in this parenting stuff. heehee]

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pedzrn said...

Hey girl, I deleted my myspace, because of problems with a coworker. I am working on a blog page to post pics, because I really like this format. Love this one by the way. Hope you are well. Sounds you had a rough one a few weeks back.