Sunday, May 25, 2008

It didn't work but it was certainly worth the try.

In an effort to try yet again to get my girl, Faith, to eat vegetables, I made up a little story.

You see, she didn't want her broccoli. She said that she didn't like broccoli.

I proceeded to tell her that I was just trying to keep the promise that I had made to her many years ago.

The promise that she made me promise to give her broccoli because she loved broccoli. And, that the only way that she would live in this house is that I would continue to give her broccoli for as long as she lived.


She didn't believe me.
And, that she didn't remember ever saying that to me.

I said that of course she wouldn't remember saying it. It was many years ago when she was very young.

Damn these children. They grow up so smart so fast!

[I have the most fun making up these stories . . . so far, she believes that I have a college degree in this parenting stuff. heehee]

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Double Chins and Chunky Cheeks


We've been screwing around with the paints again.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I see that I'm one of those mothers now.

You see, it was all so precious.

Pitifully precious, bringing tears to my eyes, . . . so much so that I think the little stinkers have completely won my heart.


I hope that Mother's Day was special for you too.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Today was a good day.


They have been acting very sweetly to me today . . .

So, it hit me later in the day . . . Oh right. Someone must have told them to be sweet to Mommy because it's Mother's Day on Sunday.

This is what I thought as Elijah, usually the couch potato, was walking up my butt the entire morning, just happy to be going into the kitchen with me, the bathroom, the basement. "Mommy, I'm going downstairs with you." "Mommy, I'm going back upstairs with you." Greeeeaaat.

This must also be why they let me sleep in until 10:30 this morning. Even after Elijah came to me early this morning, wanting me to fix some !#%*!#%* bleeping hat onto his head. And, I said "leave me alone" or "let me sleep" . . . something like that . . . I was sleeping so I can't really remember.

And, then, next comes Faith, wanting something that I can't truly remember what . . . with me saying the same "leave me alone" or "let me sleep" . . . and they did!?!?!

When I finally was able to pry open my eyes, I did right away get their waffle orders for breakfast. And, I thanked them for letting me sleep . . . and, they said, "Your welcome."!?!?!?!

How about that?

And, it's only Saturday!

I can't wait for tomorrow.


Sunday, May 04, 2008

In a strange turn of events . . .

My husband and I found ourselves home alone.


My husband's niece [angel from above] who is nineteen took our children to McDonald's and then to the movies.

So, we're standing in the hallway alone.


We decided to get out of the house.

We went to that cool, happening place called Pathmark.

Have you heard of it?

Oh, it's amazing.

You are able to buy food there, at really low prices!

Yes, I know. It's so sad.

We had all the chances to take advantage of an empty house.

Instead. We spent the couple of hours at the grocery store.

[big tears . . . full fridge]

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Muuuaaaaahhhh . . .

[Think of the Count from Sesame Street.]


Here's the story . . .

A very cool wife was able to score free Yankee tickets for tonight for her sweet husband.

That very cool wife was also cool about him inviting his work buddies instead of her.

She was even cool about taking care of her children. And, doing things like . . . uh, dinner . . . even though it was McDonalds. Things like . . . showers for the kids so they can be clean.

Now, she's getting the biggest kick out of watching the Yankees on tv play in the rain!


But, in a sobering moment, the cool wife just had another thought . . . what if the tickets were so amazing and the sweet husband is getting to stay dry while the Yankees get all wet.

Well, she's cool with that . . . since he is sweet.

And, Lord knows . . . he's the luckiest bastard ever!