Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My heart aches.

It's not about love, home, marriage, or friendship.

It's about work. I screwed up a deal. (I'm sort of in mourning . . . as in, this deal has died and it's all my fault.) I missed something on it a couple weeks ago. But, I didn't realize it until yesterday.

Sure, it's probably not going to close so one might think that the reason I'm disappointed is because I'm not going to profit from it in the end.

But, I truly am disappointed in myself . . . that I let my customer down. She doesn't know that I let her down. She just doesn't trust me now. She doesn't know that I truly wanted this to happen for her the way that she wanted it to happen.

Every once in awhile, I moan over this. Like all of a sudden, I moan.

This kind of heartfelt heartache happens to me every once in awhile when something-I'm-such-a-screw-up happens. This time though--it was a complete oversight by a few people but I really should have been sharper.

I'm trying to change my perspective. Trying to give myself a break. Trying to put this in God's hands. People make mistakes. I make mistakes.

Heart, feel better. Thanks.

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Vani said...

hi m, so glad to see your're still blogging..where did everyone go?

its true, we all make mistakes. hope its all behind you now. :)