Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's Saturday . . .

And, we are out of the house again at 10am . . . what the hell?!?!

I know I'm completely shocked too.

But, as usual, as where most of my good deeds stem from . . . the guilt machine . . . I'm sure that's it. Especially since I've worked late so much in the last couple of weeks. My kids deserve a little something extra in the effort department from their mother.

So, for some insane reason, I registered them in the sidewalk chalk thing at the local library for today at 10 am.

Of course, when the phone rang at 9:11 this morning, I was inwardly hoping that the thing had been cancelled due to rain. But, on the contrary, while my chipper daughter came downstairs to tell me that the library had called to say that the gig was still on . . . I saw the clouds start to part and the sun start to shine. At least, this is what I saw through the blinds from where I started to wake. [sigh]

So, here are the pics to prove it. We were up and enjoying the day.

My girl, Faith

My boy, Elijah

Here are my two with the group. As you may agree, I'm concerned with my boy's furrowed brow as he socializes with the masses. Gotta love that kid!

Have a great Saturday . . . make it sweet!

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