Friday, April 25, 2008

The husband's been home all week . . .

So, of course, that means that we are off again . . . out of the house . . . to see what we see.

I just gave up some good loving . . . so he splurged on the ferry ticket so that we could cross the Long Island Sound into Connecticut . . . I've been wanting to do this since I moved to New York . . . very excited.

We've just booked a cheap hotel . . . yes, a fairly cheap hotel does exist in Connecticut. I was quite surprised also.

And, then, we plan to head out tomorrow to Beardley Zoo in Connecticut.

Since I have the best man in the world that I love a whole bunch . . .

For this weekend, I can only hope for quiet, happy children and great pictures.

Have a great one.

1 comment:

Vani said...

did ya get any great pics? love the ones below. i love spring too!