Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm trying not to baby him so much.

After all, he is four. And, already, I think he thinks that we are here for his every beck and call.

Since today is going to be a crazy day, I've got them washed and just about ready.

But, I wanted Elijah to go get his own underwear. So, while he's got his towel with him, I'm running around doing other things. Like mapquesting, checking out my favorite blogs, email, etc. . . . you know, really important things.

He just calls down to me "Are you getting me ready?"

I say to him, "Go get your underwear."

Well, in the middle of this posting, the stinker still had me getting his underwear . . . since he didn't seem to know which drawer it was. And, when I got him to the right drawer, there were only his sister's underwear there. So, I had to root through the drawer to find one boy's pair of underwear left.

He's slick that one. Brilliant . . . but, slick!

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