Wednesday, March 19, 2008

First Time Home In The Middle Of The Week . . . In Awhile . . .

I'm home with the kids on weekends. I'm not sure why I am feeling so rusty. Right now, I only have one because the other is still at school. Of course, though, the one that I have now is Elijah . . . need I say more?

As I was sitting here checking out the computer, my boy calls down to me.

E: Are you making my sandwich?
ME: Huh?
E: You're supposed to be making me a sandwich.
ME: Oh. Right.

The last I remember was that he wanted Veggie Tales on . . . I forgot about the sandwich.

And, now, he is screaming for help with the damn sticker book that I bought him. I never learn! I hate sticker books! Why do I do this to myself?!?

Is it too late to go into work?

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The Mad Hoosier said...

Ahhh...stickers. We have stickers all over this entire house thanks to my two and a half year old. I tried to ban them from the house didn't work. She'd grab the stickers from the banannas, apples...she'd even try to peel off stamps from letters.