Saturday, March 29, 2008

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Could it be that only in New York is it possible to extend St. Patrick's Day into the following weekend? Perhaps, Ireland is celebrating this holiday still but how about everyone else? Anyway, this past Saturday was the St. Patrick's Day Parade. And, Faith was supposed to be in the parade with her Twirling class. Now, this is something that I was so not looking forward to . . . besides the anxiety that I was experiencing on how I would keep track of Faith the whole time plus keeping Elijah with me--I was really fretting over the whole thing. [I think that I watch too much crime drama. Yeah. That's a problem.] So, I left Elijah with my sitter. And, I am so glad that I did. Especially since it turns out that you end up waiting for an hour and a half just to walk a half hour . . . not including the twenty minutes that you end up aimlessly wandering around to find your group . . . plus the last half hour that you spend walking back to your car that you think you parked on that one street that begins with a "B".

Yeah. So glad that I left Elijah out of this great day.

Which leaves me with my girl, Faith. My sweet girl, Faith. No, really, I was really happy for her to get through this day. Especially since she froze up recently at the Twirling competition. And, please don't ask what a twirling competition is . . . unless you want an answer like . . . hell. Poor Faith was completely freaked out by the crowds and the bleachers. Now, everywhere we go . . . she wants to know if there are bleachers.

"We're going to a parade but there are no bleachers, right?"

"We're going to the toy store but there are no bleachers, right?"

Now, I have to add "Overcoming bleachers" to the list of things that I have to do with her. "Let's go over to the school gym to practice going up and down the bleachers." Who has time for this?!?!?

Anyway, the parade turned out fine.

And, here are a few pics to prove it.

Completely psyched and ready to go.

Let's practice a little while freezing a bit too.

Sort of tired of waiting . . . so let's freeze while we sit.

Either Faith is in a parade or I am truly the worst mother ever for letting my child hang out in the middle of the street. No--really, she's in a parade!

Ready to go . . . and, so cute.

She's performing in a parade.

Here is my girl Faith all dressed up . . . I love her. She's so beautiful in her outfit.

Although, I'm not completely ga-ga over parades. :)

Next up, South Street Seaport Twirling performance . . . and, I think there is a stage with some bleachers. Yikes!

I'm trying not to baby him so much.

After all, he is four. And, already, I think he thinks that we are here for his every beck and call.

Since today is going to be a crazy day, I've got them washed and just about ready.

But, I wanted Elijah to go get his own underwear. So, while he's got his towel with him, I'm running around doing other things. Like mapquesting, checking out my favorite blogs, email, etc. . . . you know, really important things.

He just calls down to me "Are you getting me ready?"

I say to him, "Go get your underwear."

Well, in the middle of this posting, the stinker still had me getting his underwear . . . since he didn't seem to know which drawer it was. And, when I got him to the right drawer, there were only his sister's underwear there. So, I had to root through the drawer to find one boy's pair of underwear left.

He's slick that one. Brilliant . . . but, slick!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I love going through all of my old pics.

I've always loved this one.

It's as if Elijah was saying, "Uh. That's my glove she's wearing."

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

First Time Home In The Middle Of The Week . . . In Awhile . . .

I'm home with the kids on weekends. I'm not sure why I am feeling so rusty. Right now, I only have one because the other is still at school. Of course, though, the one that I have now is Elijah . . . need I say more?

As I was sitting here checking out the computer, my boy calls down to me.

E: Are you making my sandwich?
ME: Huh?
E: You're supposed to be making me a sandwich.
ME: Oh. Right.

The last I remember was that he wanted Veggie Tales on . . . I forgot about the sandwich.

And, now, he is screaming for help with the damn sticker book that I bought him. I never learn! I hate sticker books! Why do I do this to myself?!?

Is it too late to go into work?

Spring Hat Day Parade 2008

Simple hat undecorated
Smiling boy
Simply Loving it!