Saturday, February 23, 2008

Road Trip!!!

Let the insanity begin!!!

I guess after a week of Daddy being home with the kids . . . along with a little painting, cleaning, watching the snow, shoveling the snow, and preparing n u m e r o u s meals . . . . he thinks we should get out of the house for a bit.

Hell, the mortgage is paid up . . . so why not?!?!

As long as I get to drive, I cool wit dat! haha

Monday, February 18, 2008

After her first try with acryllic paints, Faith blended all the colors into a mauve-brown background. I added her name with the hearts. Then, after scanning it, I saturated the canvas with some color. Next time, I will attempt to show her how to keep the colors separate while using a variety of brushes. Until then, we continue to attempt to expand our horizons over here. :)

Saturated With Color . . . I think I like it.


Dancing Trees


Enjoying President's Day Off . . .

Blank Canvases

Elijah [cropped out the Shrek underwear] surveys the results.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

At least in Florida, you can still see flowers in February.

What Do You See?

Came Across This In My Uncle's Yard

Blended Hearts


Happy Valentine's Day


Normally, when I take pictures, I'm looking for a "perfect" background . . . the "perfect" shot. But, there is something about the haphazardly way of this picture. This is the way love is in this house.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Enjoying The Wide Open Spaces

Little Kindnesses

Within the last month, I planned this trip to Florida to see my Grandmother. The trip came out of a few emotional places in me. Which is a whole other story. But, financially, I wondered if this was something I should splurge on . . . I really love my husband for supporting me in this. I am so thankful for how he has been there for me. I am also thankful to my girl, Faith, for letting me go. I only had to promise to make it up to her a few hundred times. And, my boy, Elijah, well, he was good enough to tell me "Hi" and "Bye" on the phone once since I've called.

From the beginning, after leaving the house, little kindnesses came my way to confirm that I was headed in a good direction.

The driver gave me two cough drops to help me with my cough. And, he also told me that I probably wasn't contagious anymore so not to worry. Thanks, Man!

Upon arriving at the airport and finding out that my flight was delayed for over three hours, I was blessed enough to act very shocked and clueless in front of a V.P. of JetBlue. [Did I mention that I have had a fierce head cold?] God bless that over-achieving V.P. who then got me on the next flight which was leaving JFK in the next thirty-five minutes. "So, you have to hussle." Who does that happen to?!?!?! Thank God that I didn't check in any baggage. The whole thing was a complete miracle!

Then, after arriving in Orlando two hours prior then previously planned, I head to see my Grandmother. However, I had forgotten to Mapquest and was not completely sure which roads to take. So, I headed onto 417 with a $10 bill. Only to remember that the toll takes only exact change. I have a $10 bill and .50 cents. I need $1.00 in change. So, as the next car pulls up, I wander to her car with "I only have a $10 bill!?!?!?" By another miracle, she says "Here, take it. It's OK." [And, she doesn't curse me out!?!?] I give her .50 cents in exchange.

At this point, I am so needing to get off this highway. There is no way that could possibly happen to me again in my favor. I search up and down this one road looking for anything to make change. I finally come to a McDonald's. I go through the drive-thru to order a double cheeseburger . . . there still a dollar, you know! I also call my uncle to see if he could get me on the right road. He says, "Where are you?" I say that I'm "on Narcoosee Road". He remarkably replies, "Yeah, you're on the right road. Take that all the way to the house."

So, I'm not late or lost. Wow. I'm absolutely floored by everything that has happened that day. Kindnesses confirm my purpose here in Florida.

Other than that, I'm enjoying my time with my Grandmother. Trying to be a help and a blessing. I had really amazing conversations with my aunt and uncle. Felt good. Good people. Glad that I am related to them.

As for Grandma, I know that my time here is for me as much or more than it is for her. But, I know that she appreciates it too. She will be 92 this year.

God bless her.

And, God bless all the people and their little kindnesses to me.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Called In Sick Today . . .

So, I thought I would take a moment or two to educate myself.

This is everywhere. It took me all day to watch it but I succumbed. I want to believe there can be change. I want to believe that there is a president who we can all be really proud of . . . there is this part of me that questions if that is something remotely possible.

It did bring tears to my eyes.

It made me smile too.

It also made me ask a question . . .
Was that Bryan Greenberg playing the guitar?!?!
He is sooooo my newest and favorite Plan B! heehee

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Props To New York


My husband is so happy. And, we were screaming for joy! Of course, I don't really like football. But, that game was really beautiful. I eventually had to put my book down and do some Woot! Woot!!

Go New York!

Friday, February 01, 2008

She Believes . . .


Did a little dance when this little gem arrived this week . . .

thank you!